Cold temperature detector

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Could You Benefit From a Cold Temperature Detector (Hypothermia Alert)

The cold temperature/hypothermia detector alert, can send an alert to TASK's 24-hour monitoring centre via your telecare base unit, if room temperature falls below a safe level. By doing so, the alarm can help to prevent hypothermia in older people.

According to the HSE, if the temperature in your home falls below 16ºC you could be at risk of hypothermia. Hypothermia is dangerous, as it can easily lead to unconsciousness, and even death if the body’s temperature continues to fall. Older people are particularly vulnerable, as their mechanisms for regulating body temperature may not be as efficient as those who are younger, due to increasing age and chronic medical conditions. The HSE advises that room temperature is monitored, and that older people should keep the living room warm throughout the day (21º C if active, 24º C if inactive).

Hypothermia symptoms can include:

Pale skin.
Drowsiness and lethargic behaviour.
Mental confusion.
A loss of co-ordination.
Heavy breathing and slurred speech.
Feeling weak.
A state of shock.

The cold temperature/hypothermia detector is wireless, and along with your telecare base unit can be monitored, 24 hours a day. If you have an existing TASK telecare alarm, you can add a low temperature/hypothermia detector to your existing system (wirelessly). It's a great way to ensure the temperature in your home, or in the home of a loved one, doesn't drop below a safe level.

How much will the telecare monitoring cost?

TASK's telecare monitoring fees are €66 (ROI) £52 (UK). If you already have a TASK telecare system/pendant alarm for which we provide 24-hour monitoring, we will monitor your cold temperature detector/hypothermia alert, free of charge. All you will pay is the initial cost of the cold temperature detector.

How do I order my cold temperature detector?

You can order your cold temperature detector/hypothermia alert online [link to be added] or call us on 01 8435889 (ROI) or 02890 360280 (UK).


 Wireless Cold Temperature Detector / Hypothermia Alert 

TASK Sponsors Tipperary (Ireland) International Peace Awards (2019)

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TASK is proud to have sponsored the Tipperary (Ireland) International Peace Awards 2019, and to have had the privilege to present this year's award to Former President of Ireland, Mrs. Mary Robinson. The awards which took place 7th November in the Excel Heritage Centre in Tipperary, were organised by the Tipperary Peace Convention. Many thanks to everyone involved in this excellent event.

Pictured left to right: Mr. Ronan Bunting, TASK Community Care, presenting the award to Mrs. Mary Robinson, with Mr. Peter Butler, TASK Community Care, and Honorary Secretary of the Tipperary Peace Convention, Mr. Martin Quinn

Pictured left to right: Mr. Ronan Bunting, TASK Community Care, Mrs. Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland, and Mr. Peter Butler, TASK Community Care.


TASK Control Centre | Team Leader Vacancy

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Team Leader Position Vacancy


We are advertising for the vacant position of experienced Team Leader in our Control Centre.

Specific Terms, duties & responsibilities will only be discussed with successful applicants – likely to be at 2nd round stage of interviews.

Prospective candidates should be able to demonstrate at least the following characteristic to be considered: -

  • Be consistent in their performance & duties
  • Be trustworthy & honest
  • Be enthusiastic about their work and our company
  • Be responsible and accountable
  • Lead by good example
  • Be approachable, fair and impartial
  • Understand how & when to delegate
  • Be Company focused & committed
  • Be a positive influencer – promoting company policy, procedures and ethos
  • Be a team player
  • Have excellent English – both verbal & written
  • Be numerate with some administrative experience and a little tech. savvy.
  • Be able to communicate effectively
  • Be accurate in their work & able to write reports when required.
  • Experience is a similar role, indicating how many years’ experience you have.

The above list is not exhaustive, however gives a guideline of expectation. Candidates should indicate their salary expectation when applying. These positions will be rostered over a 24/7/365 basis on a full-time basis.

Applications by writing only to Control Centre Manager – Closing date for applicantions is 12 noon 31/7/19.


The successful candidate will be required to serve a probationary period at this role.

TASK's Seniors Alert Scheme Clients - Unaffected by Brexit

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Release date: 18 February 2019


TASK's Seniors Alert Scheme customers to be “unaffected by Brexit”

Following recent press coverage relating to the Seniors Alert Scheme Brexit implications, TASK would like to reassure all our customers, including Seniors Alert Scheme clients, of TASK’s commitment and ability to supply and monitor alarms under the scheme regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

That includes the monitored alarm units in participants homes with landline, broadband or with no landline & GSM units installed.

TASK was established in 1974 in Ireland. Our company is 100% Irish owned and we are headquartered in in County Meath.

The monitored alarm units supplied by TASK under the Seniors Alert Scheme are manufactured by TeleAlarm (previously Bosch). TeleAlarm Europe GmbH, has its headquarters in Leipzig, Germany and has assured us of continued supply under Brexit.

TASK operates one of Ireland’s only multi-protocol monitoring centres, our company can therefore monitor equipment from many different manufacturers including TeleAlarm, Bosch, Chubb, Tunstall, Tynetec.

As Ireland’s longest established socially monitored alarm and telecare company, we look forward to continuing to serve all our customers, regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, including our current and future Seniors Alert Scheme customers.

In the event that Brexit disrupts other suppliers under the scheme, TASK has the capacity and ability to supply, install and monitor alarm equipment throughout Ireland.




Further details on the Seniors Alert Scheme

Monitoring Centre Manager Opportunity

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Monitoring Centre Manager Opportunity

TASK Community Care is a leading provider of emergency alarms, telehealthcare and location tracking devices. The company operates Ireland’s longest established 27/7 Monitoring Centre, providing monitoring solutions to customers in many industries. Tens of thousands of individuals and commercial clients use TASK’s systems to stay safe, protect property and also to enable people with high support needs to live independently.

TASK Community Care has an immediate requirement for a Monitoring Centre Manager to join their 24hr Emergency Monitoring Centre in County Meath.

Reports To:

The Monitoring Centre Manager will report to the Managing Director and/or Head of Operations.

Job Overview:

The role of the Monitoring Centre Manager is to deliver a first class customer experience from our 24hr Emergency Monitoring Centre.

The successful candidate will play a crucial role in managing and overseeing the day-to-day operations of our busy, fast-paced and high volume 24hr Emergency Monitoring Centre.

We require a Manager with excellent people skills, ability to make sound decisions under pressure while ensuring the operational excellence of our Monitoring Centre.

The candidate will be customer focused, provide the highest levels of customer care at all times to the broad demographic of our clients. As the successful candidate will lead a team of Call Responders; they must have previous experience in managing others. He/she will ensure high performance of the team, quality of service and ensure a consistently excellent customer experience to all clients.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Ensure efficient and effective day-to-day running of the Monitoring Centre, ensuring all service levels and KPI’s are met.
Manage the recruitment process to ensure adequate resourcing is met.
Prepare and manage rosters, facilitating annual/sick leave.
Train & support Call Responders, ensuring they have the necessary skills (including soft skills) to deal with a variety of emergency situations.
Review and update employee training and ongoing development.
Ongoing performance management of the team, including planning and organizing monthly reviews with individual call responders, identifying strengths or weaknesses and setting goals for improvement.
Assist Management with ad hoc projects as required.
Regular reporting on call statistics, metrics and customer satisfaction.
Authorizing replacement equipment or refunds and liaising with the accounts department regarding same.
Ensuring stock levels of outgoing equipment are prepared and ready for dispatch for TASK’s installation teams.
Ensure client’s personal data is treated in line with data protection principles & requirements

Qualifications & Experience:

The ideal candidate will have exceptional interpersonal skills (both verbal and written) to support our clients during stressful times as well as a strong customer service ethic.
Third level degree or equivalent in the area of Management/Business is desired.
Minimum 5 years people management experience.
Ability to multitask and remain calm under pressure.
IT literate and proficient in Office Suite, in particular MS Excel
Knowledge of data protection and GDPR compliance

Please forward your CV and cover letter, outlining salary expectations and availability to the email provided.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent


Management: 5 years (Required)

Happy Christmas & New Year From TASK 2018

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To wish all our customers, community groups, suppliers & friends a wonderful Merry Christmas and New Year. 
We look forward to helping you all stay safe and secure, 24 hours a day, throughout 2019. 







TASK Security Systems - Remote POS (Till) monitoring, People Count & CCTV Installation for Little Caesars

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A High End IP CCTV System along with Till Watch Monitoring and People Counting System was recently installed by our Security Division at Little Caesar’s Restaurant, Rathfarnham.
If you are interested in receiving a quotation for similar work please get in touch.

TASK attending National Ploughing Championships 2018

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We are attending the 2018 National Ploughing Championships! Come say hello and ask any questions while you're here. We're at the Muintir na Tire stand Row 275 13 (Pictured at left: Our delightful Bernadette chatting with Sergeant Graham Kavanagh at the stand)

Temporary Office Telephone Numbers

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[Update 08.08.2018 - All telephone issues have now been resolved by our telephone provider. Thank you for your patience]

We have been made aware there are problems with the office phone. However we are pleased to report emergency monitoring centre numbers remain unaffected. 


If you need to contact us please use the below temporary contact telephone numbers:



Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2018

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Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2018


Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week is approaching on 22-28 September 2018. Its purpose is to help raise awareness of one of the most common (and preventable) causes of death by poisoning. Monitored carbon monoxide detectors are an excellent way to protect yourself and your family around this poisonous gas. That's why this month we’ll be highlighting how to protect yourself and your family with a monitored carbon monoxide detector.


Carbon monoxide causes


The main cause of indoor carbon monoxide accumulation is inadequate maintenance leading to poor combustion of carbon-containing fuel. Potential sources include, gas stoves, fires and boilers, gas powered water heaters, paraffin heaters, solid fuel powered stoves, boilers and room heaters. Partially blocked or damaged flues and chimneys are other causes of indoor carbon monoxide accumulation. And the posionous gas can accumulate in anyone's home, even if they have regular maintenance on fuel sources. For instance, Evelyn Andrews and her daughter Katie featured on RTE’s ‘the consumer show’  after having a near shave with carbon monoxide poisoning, when a crisp packet that was thrown into the fire blocked their chimney flue. The blockage caused the poisonous gas to come back down the chimney and fill the house while they were in bed ...And carbon monoxide can also seep into homes from neighbouring properties, via shared flues and chimneys too.


Benefits of monitored carbon monoxide detectors


Carbon monoxide poisoning can result in collapse and unconsciousness, therefore a monitored carbon monoxide alarm has obvious advantages over a standard CO detector that only sounds in your home. For instance, with a monitored detector, if there is no response from you or a family member after the carbon monoxide alarm sounds, CareLink Operators can alert your neighbour or other keyholder, or An Garda Síochána. They will also give immediate safety advice to anyone in the home that is conscious through the two-way speech unit.


The two-way speech unit is contained in the base unit of the alarm which you can place anywhere in the home. With a TASK Monitored CO alarm, you can have as many carbon monoxide alarms around the home as needed, connected to the same base unit. And with TASK, your 24/7 monitoring will be €66 regardless of how many carbon monoxide alarms are being monitored in your home. A small price to pay for the security a monitored carbon monoxide detector can bring.


Carbon monoxide alarm quality assurance


All TASK monitored carbon monoxide alarms:

  • Comply with European Standard EN 50291
  • Carry the CE Mark
  • Have an 'end of life' indicator
  • Carry an independent certification mark – For example a kite mark, this indicates that the alarm has been approved by an accredited testing and certification organisation


Where to install and position Carbon Monoxide Detectors (CO Alarms)


View this short video for advice on the best place to install carbon monoxide alarms in your home. The same advice generally applies to monitored carbon monoxide detectors.


Call us today for further details - ROI: +353 1 8435889 / UK: 0845 304 55 35 


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