Happy Christmas & New Year From TASK 2018

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To wish all our customers, community groups, suppliers & friends a wonderful Merry Christmas and New Year. 
We look forward to helping you all stay safe and secure, 24 hours a day, throughout 2019. 







TASK Security Systems - Remote POS (Till) monitoring, People Count & CCTV Installation for Little Caesars

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A High End IP CCTV System along with Till Watch Monitoring and People Counting System was recently installed by our Security Division at Little Caesar’s Restaurant, Rathfarnham.
If you are interested in receiving a quotation for similar work please get in touch.

TASK attending National Ploughing Championships 2018

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We are attending the 2018 National Ploughing Championships! Come say hello and ask any questions while you're here. We're at the Muintir na Tire stand Row 275 13 (Pictured at left: Our delightful Bernadette chatting with Sergeant Graham Kavanagh at the stand)

Temporary Office Telephone Numbers

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[Update 08.08.2018 - All telephone issues have now been resolved by our telephone provider. Thank you for your patience]

We have been made aware there are problems with the office phone. However we are pleased to report emergency monitoring centre numbers remain unaffected. 


If you need to contact us please use the below temporary contact telephone numbers:



Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2018

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Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2018


Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week is approaching on 22-28 September 2018. Its purpose is to help raise awareness of one of the most common (and preventable) causes of death by poisoning. Monitored carbon monoxide detectors are an excellent way to protect yourself and your family around this poisonous gas. That's why this month we’ll be highlighting how to protect yourself and your family with a monitored carbon monoxide detector.


Carbon monoxide causes


The main cause of indoor carbon monoxide accumulation is inadequate maintenance leading to poor combustion of carbon-containing fuel. Potential sources include, gas stoves, fires and boilers, gas powered water heaters, paraffin heaters, solid fuel powered stoves, boilers and room heaters. Partially blocked or damaged flues and chimneys are other causes of indoor carbon monoxide accumulation. And the posionous gas can accumulate in anyone's home, even if they have regular maintenance on fuel sources. For instance, Evelyn Andrews and her daughter Katie featured on RTE’s ‘the consumer show’  after having a near shave with carbon monoxide poisoning, when a crisp packet that was thrown into the fire blocked their chimney flue. The blockage caused the poisonous gas to come back down the chimney and fill the house while they were in bed ...And carbon monoxide can also seep into homes from neighbouring properties, via shared flues and chimneys too.


Benefits of monitored carbon monoxide detectors


Carbon monoxide poisoning can result in collapse and unconsciousness, therefore a monitored carbon monoxide alarm has obvious advantages over a standard CO detector that only sounds in your home. For instance, with a monitored detector, if there is no response from you or a family member after the carbon monoxide alarm sounds, CareLink Operators can alert your neighbour or other keyholder, or An Garda Síochána. They will also give immediate safety advice to anyone in the home that is conscious through the two-way speech unit.


The two-way speech unit is contained in the base unit of the alarm which you can place anywhere in the home. With a TASK Monitored CO alarm, you can have as many carbon monoxide alarms around the home as needed, connected to the same base unit. And with TASK, your 24/7 monitoring will be €66 regardless of how many carbon monoxide alarms are being monitored in your home. A small price to pay for the security a monitored carbon monoxide detector can bring.


Carbon monoxide alarm quality assurance


All TASK monitored carbon monoxide alarms:

  • Comply with European Standard EN 50291
  • Carry the CE Mark
  • Have an 'end of life' indicator
  • Carry an independent certification mark – For example a kite mark, this indicates that the alarm has been approved by an accredited testing and certification organisation


Where to install and position Carbon Monoxide Detectors (CO Alarms)


View this short video for advice on the best place to install carbon monoxide alarms in your home. The same advice generally applies to monitored carbon monoxide detectors.


Call us today for further details - ROI: +353 1 8435889 / UK: 0845 304 55 35 


Fall detector and pager

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Fall Detection: Motion Sensor & Pager (Standalone System)


We love this standalone fall detection system with pager. Just place the motion sensor at a bedside or anywhere in the home & it will alert a family member or carer's pager up to 300 feet away. The pager is pocket sized and light-weight. Just pop in batteries & it's ready to use.



Currently only €92.50 from our online store or by calling us to order yours today.


How to purchase

If you have any questions our fall detector motion sensor/pager call us today ROI: 01 8435889 UK: 0845 304 55 3. Or order directly online www.taskltd.com/task-online-store/wireless-fall-prevention/wireless-fall-prevention-en/portable-paging-systems/carelink-motion-sensor-pager.html  


Ireland's first telecare alarm, designed for homes with digital broadband

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Designed for customers with broadband, or those who may be switching to digital broadband. This new unit from TeleAlarm also works on analogue landline telephones. It offers:

• Best in class audio quality
• Compatible with wide range of wireless detectors
• Designed to ensure maximum security

Call us today to find out more about our latest IP (Internet Protocol) CareLink alarm • Available now • Tel: +353 1 8435889



Are you being charged separately for the monitoring of each telecare device in your home?  Instead choose TASK for your telecare monitoring in Ireland and the UK.

Yearly - Ireland €66 / UK £52 (Prices include VAT)

Choose TASK to monitor your pendant alarm, and we will monitor any linked telecare devices completely FREE (including other pendant alarms monitored in the same home)

Call us today - ROI: +353 1 8435889 / UK: 02890 360280



CareLink monitored alarm call - Joe Duffy Liveline RTE Radio 1

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Carole's mother fell at home yesterday morning. Our CareLink Operators received the call when her CareLink button was pressed. Carole called the Joe Duffy Liveline show while her mum was waiting on an ambulance. Well done to our CareLink team & we wish Caroles mum a quick & full recovery.

The segment serves as a good reminder of why it's so important to wear your CareLink button at all times

...(A big Hat Tip thank you to Barbara Copley for bringing the radio segment to our attention)


You can watch an edited version on our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPOLt5w3DXE&t=16s

Or the full radio segment at: 





Always wear your pendant alarm, or keep it close at hand

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And did you know you can buy your 24/7 monitored pendant alarm system from our online store? Full instructions are included and items will be delivered to your door within days. Visit our online store to find out more.


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