Fall detectors for the bathroom - detect slips & falls

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Fall detectors for the bathroom

The bathroom is a place where falls often happen and fall detectors can be invaluable here. People can slip on a wet floor, in the bath, or can even get tired in a hot shower. Grab bars can prevent slips & falls (& we recommend their use) but they wont eliminate the risk completely. However waterproof telecare fall detectors can detect slips & falls. A pull-cord can also be easily added in you bathroom (without the need for wiring) & linked to your telecare system. 

One such product is our 'Man Down Alarm' automatic fall detector. It is a combined personal alarm with built in automatic fall detector. The automatic fall detection alert within the device has a built-in tilt sensor. When the device tilts for a set period of time this indicates that a person may have fallen. Alternatively, pressing the red button will generate a call at any time. In this way the Man Down Alarm functions in the same way as a pendant alarm. It works with a telecare base unit to generate a call for help 24hours a day to our Monitoring Centre in Ireland. 

The alarm can be used as a pendant alarm/panic button or as an automaic fall detector for people who are elderly or disabled. It can also be appropriate for some individuals with motor control problems, such as those resulting from a stroke or Multiple sclerosis (MS) in cases were the individual may not be able to press a standard pendant alarm button. This type of fall detector can also be used as a safety device by a lone worker in a hazardous environment or where the worker will be alone for prolonged period of time. 


Tilt Fall Detection Function


l When the sensor detects a tilt of more than 60 degrees, it will start an internal countdown of approximately ten seconds.


l If the sensor comes back to a vertical position within these ten seconds no emergency alarm will be sent.


l If the sensor does not come back to a vertical position, a pre-alarm starts, accompanied by an audible/beeping sound. This audible alarm lasts approximately thirty seconds. The pre-alarm is cancelled if the sensor comes back to a vertical position or if the help call button is pressed within these thirty seconds.


Help call button

Pressing the central red button of the Man Down Alarm will activate a help call at any time.


How to purchase

To purchase your Man Down Alarm or if you have any questions about any of our fall detectors for your bathroom or elsewhere please contact us.




Pendant Alarm & Telecare Monitoring Costs

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Are you being charged separately for the monitoring of each telecare device in your home?  Instead choose TASK for your telecare monitoring in Ireland and the UK.

Yearly - Ireland €66 / UK £52

Choose TASK to monitor your pendant alarm, and we will monitor any linked telecare devices completely FREE (including other pendant alarms monitored in the same home)

Call us today UK: 0845 304 55 35 or ROI: +353 1 8435889 


We're Hiring - Call Centre Operators

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Call Centre Operators

Full and part-time call required.

The Successful applicant will be required to work independently and as part of a team, dealing with emergency calls within our 24-hour monitoring station.

The position offered requires a unique individual possessing the ability to listen, respond and resolve emergencies in a swift, calm and assured manner


Additional skills - Good knowledge of Microsoft Windows Office. Must have a strong initiative with a positive attitude and be a quick learner.

If you are interested in joining our team please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

Happy holidays from TASK

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To wish all our customers, community groups, and friends a very happy Christmas and wonderful new year. 







How telecare can help carers

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Telecare is far from the only technology that can ease the burden of caring, but it is particularly effective. That’s because all telecare sensors can connect your elderly relative or loved one to a monitoring centre if help is needed. In other words, telecare provides a lifeline, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With telecare in place, you can be alerted if your elderly relative or loved one trips or falls at home, or needs help for any other reason and can’t reach a telephone.  Meanwhile, they will not be left alone, uncertain as to whether anyone will arrive to assist. 
Telecare Monitoring 123





Once you have a telecare base-unit in your home, many other telecare devices can be programmed to connect to that same base-unit automatically.* The base-unit is the part shown in the centre of the picture above [makes/models differ]. The base-unit should come as standard when you purchase your pendant alarm. It is the most important part of any telecare system, as it is the base-unit which places the call to a 24/7 telecare monitoring centre. Without it, your telecare sensors would not send an alert. If you don’t already have a pendant alarm system at home, you can purchase the base-unit along with any other telecare device, such as those listed on our telecare products page. With your base-unit in place, you can then add more telecare devices, if and when your elderly parent or loved one's care needs change.



Telecare alarms for carers


*It is important to ask suppliers about telecare base-unit compatibility at the outset, before choosing your telecare system. This is because the number and type of telecare sensors that can connect to a particular base-unit will always depend on its make and model. TASK have a range of base-units and a wide range of telecare devices which connect to them, please contact us for further details.

Keyholder Alarm Response Service

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Home Response Alarms Service


Home Response & Assistance Ltd now provides a keyholder response service for people who have socially monitored alarms. This call-out service means that non-medical response is available to your loved ones, in their own homes, 24 hours a day. It provides great peace of mind to older and disabled people, and to their family and friends.

If family members live some distance away, or are planning a holiday, it can help ensure your loved ones can continue to live independently in their own homes. 

Emergency alarm button calls are often made for simple issues that can be resolved by a visit to the home. Home Response & Assistance Responders will call out, no matter how minor the request. They will provide immediate non-medical assistance, ensuring that you or your loved ones get the help needed. The trained Responders can liaise with your monitoring station and can also keep your family members informed. If you need further assistance from other professionals, the Responders will stay with you in your home to provide access. They will remain with you until their assistance is no longer needed. 

Occasional or regular welfare checks can also be carried out by Home Response & Assistance Responders should they be required anytime, including over weekends or outside normal working hours.


Home Response & Assistance Ltd are offering the following promotional rates for a limited period of time to all TASK Community Care's customers:



To avail of the above promotional rates please quote the following code TK0516.


Please contact Home Response & Assistance Ltd:

IDA Business Park,
Dublin 17,
D17 HC84,

Phone +353 (0)1 8366 453


*Charges are subject to T&Cs

Dementia Alarm System [New Explainer Video] - Automatically detects falls or inactivity

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Our Active Intelligent Monitoring (AIM) Fall Detection & Dementia Alarm System provides your loved ones with an effective way to stay independent and safe 24 hours a day.

Every room in the home can be covered. If a person falls the AIM system will trigger a call to our 24/7 CareLink Monitoring Centre in County Meath. Click on the video link below to watch our YouTube explainer video of how it works.

AIM Dementia Alarm System - YouTube Link


Dementia - GPS Locator

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TASK are official distributors of the 'Lola' Dementia Locator. We can supply it with or without a SIM card. Monitoring can be carried out at our 24/7 monitoring centre or you can choose to monitor from your home, to locate a loved one who may have got lost. Watch the short video here to find out more about how it works or give us a call for further details...


More details also on our website here - http://www.taskltd.com/dementia-location-tracker.html


Location tracker dementia

Telecare.ie - Ireland's pendant alarm and telecare online magazine

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Visit Telecare.ie, Ireland's Online Telecare Magazine

...for news on pendant alarms, telecare, Seniors Alert Scheme and updates on heath & wellbeing


Telecare.ie - Ireland's Telecare Magazine

Supported by TASK Community Care, Ireland's Longest Established Telecare Company 

Telecare.ie Ireland's Personal Alarm & Telecare Equipment Magazine

Buy Telecare & Personal Alarms From TASK's Online Store (Monitored & Unmonitored)

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Telecare and Personal Alarms can be purchased today from our online store


Monitored alarms come pre-programmed. 24/7 tech support to assist with installation & full instructions included. Applies to UK & Ireland Customers. Give us a call with any questions (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) Ireland Customers: +353 1 8435889 UK customers: 0845 304 55 35.

Or check out our online telecare store here



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