TASK's Seniors Alert Scheme Clients - Unaffected by Brexit

by ronan
Release date: 18 February 2019


TASK's Seniors Alert Scheme customers to be “unaffected by Brexit”

Following recent press coverage relating to the Seniors Alert Scheme Brexit implications, TASK would like to reassure all our customers, including Seniors Alert Scheme clients, of TASK’s commitment and ability to supply and monitor alarms under the scheme regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

That includes the monitored alarm units in participants homes with landline, broadband or with no landline & GSM units installed.

TASK was established in 1974 in Ireland. Our company is 100% Irish owned and we are headquartered in in County Meath.

The monitored alarm units supplied by TASK under the Seniors Alert Scheme are manufactured by TeleAlarm (previously Bosch). TeleAlarm Europe GmbH, has its headquarters in Leipzig, Germany and has assured us of continued supply under Brexit.

TASK operates one of Ireland’s only multi-protocol monitoring centres, our company can therefore monitor equipment from many different manufacturers including TeleAlarm, Bosch, Chubb, Tunstall, Tynetec.

As Ireland’s longest established socially monitored alarm and telecare company, we look forward to continuing to serve all our customers, regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, including our current and future Seniors Alert Scheme customers.

In the event that Brexit disrupts other suppliers under the scheme, TASK has the capacity and ability to supply, install and monitor alarm equipment throughout Ireland.




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