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Pendant Alarms

Personal pendant alarm button

Personal pendant alarms save thousands of lives every year. If you have an accident, fall or other emergency at home, simply press the button on your pendant or wristband alarm. The monitored alarm system then provides a link to the outside world. It can be used in any situation when you need help and cannot reach a telephone.

How the personal emergency button works

The alarm button can be worn as a pendant or wristband. When pressed, it connects wirelessly to a telecare base-unit, usually located in the hallway of your home. The base-unit immediately sends a call to TASK's 24-hour CarelinkMonitoring Centre. The TASK emergency alarm button transmits up to 300 metres (line of sight) from the telecare base-unit. This means it will usually transmit even in the garden or driveway of your home.

In any situation when you cannot reach the telephone, you simply press the personal pendant alarm button to summon help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Within seconds, trained CareLink operators in TASK's County Meath monitoring centre in Ireland, can hold a two-way conversation through the hands-free speech function of the base-unit. They will ascertain the nature of the emergency call, enabling them to act quickly, and provide reassurance that help is on the way. If the operators cannot hear you after calling your home phone or mobile, they will begin calling your nominated contacts.

Personal alarms for homes without a phone-line

GSM alarms are now available from TASK, meaning monitored personal alarms can be provided for anyone without a telephone at home. The GSM pendant alarms connect to TASK's 24-hour monitoring centre using a multi-network SIM card. You can read more about this type of personal alarm here - No landline GSM Alarm

How to buy a monitored personal alarm

Monitored alarm can be purchased directly from our online store. The full range of TASK telecare products, all of which work with the personal alarm base-unit, can also be viewed at our telecare products page. Or please contact us with any questions about personal pendant alarm systems.







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