TASK Connect Launches in Northern Ireland, Expanding TASK Community Care Group

by ronan

Ireland’s First Telecare Company TASK Community Care Expands with the Launch of Fully Owned Subsidiary “TASK Connect” in Lurgan, Northern Ireland


TASK Community Care, Ireland’s first telecare company and now a leading provider with over 45 years of experience in personal alarm technology, is excited to announce the opening of its fully owned UK subsidiary, TASK Connect, situated in Lurgan, Northern Ireland.

The establishment of TASK Connect not only signifies a significant milestone for TASK Community Care who provide 24-hour monitoring to tens of thousands of personal alarm clients, but also underscores the company’s dedication to strengthening its presence in the UK market. The decision to establish a fully owned subsidiary in Lurgan, reflects a strategic move to better serve the company’s expanding customer base in the United Kingdom.

A testament to this commitment is the introduction of a user-friendly online ordering process for monitored personal alarms and GPS trackers on the new TASK Connect website, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience. This initiative showcases the company’s dedication to delivering accessible and efficient services to its UK clientele.

Managing Director of TASK Connect, Toni Bunting expanded on this, stating, “Our online product range will steadily expand as we solidify our presence in the UK market. Concurrently, our core focus is on refining operations, honed through years of dedicated service to TASK Community Care customers, ensuring an even more streamlined and customer-centric service for all our customers in the UK.”

This strategic and customer-oriented approach underscores the TASK group’s steadfast commitment to innovation, excellence, and meeting the evolving needs of its valued customer base.

Having recently secured a competitive tender with one of Northern Ireland’s eleven councils in its first year of operation, TASK Connect has swiftly established its success and effectiveness in the market. This significant achievement, realized through collaboration with its Irish counterpart TASK Community Care, not only showcases TASK Connect’s commitment to growth but also highlights its dedication to excellence. This early success sets a promising trajectory for TASK Connect, solidifying its potential to emerge as a leading company in the UK telecare and GPS monitored alarm industry.

For more information and to explore the range of telecare and GPS solutions offered by TASK Connect, please visit the official website at taskconnect.co.uk.

For media enquiries or further information, please contact: communications@taskconnect.co.uk.


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