CareLink monitored alarm call - Joe Duffy Liveline RTE Radio 1

by ronan

Carole's mother fell at home yesterday morning. Our CareLink Operators received the call when her CareLink button was pressed. Carole called the Joe Duffy Liveline show while her mum was waiting on an ambulance. Well done to our CareLink team & we wish Caroles mum a quick & full recovery.

The segment serves as a good reminder of why it's so important to wear your CareLink button at all times

...(A big Hat Tip thank you to Barbara Copley for bringing the radio segment to our attention)


You can watch an edited version on our YouTube channel here:

Or the full radio segment at:!rii=b9%5F21318891%5F53%5F15%2D02%2D2018%5F




Always wear your pendant alarm, or keep it close at hand

by ronan


And did you know you can buy your 24/7 monitored pendant alarm system from our online store? Full instructions are included and items will be delivered to your door within days. Visit our online store to find out more.


Happy Christmas & New Year 2017

by ronan

To wish all our customers, community groups, suppliers & friends a very Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year. We look forward to helping people stay safe and secure 24 hours a day in 2018 and beyond!



You can also watch our YouTube Christmas Message here!






TASK Sponsors Canon Hayes Awards 2017

by ronan

TASK were proud to be Sponsors of the Canon Hayes Sports Awards 2017. It was a fantastic event & there were some great pictures taken. This has to be one of our favourites. Well done to everyone involved!

Pictured: National Winner - Mark O'Donovan & Shane O'Driscoll, World and European Champions, pictured with their award along with Ronán Bunting of TASK Community Care (Sponsors) and Mary Dorgan (Sport Ireland). 

At the Canon Hayes Sports Awards 2017. His Excellency Mr. Muhammad Athar Qureshi, Charge d' Affaires, Embassy of Pakistan, Rowers Mark O'Donovan and Shane O'Driscoll (National Winners), Ronán Bunting (Award Sponsors), and Mr. Umer Mahmood Khan.

We're hiring: Installer for Kerry Limerick & Clare Regions

by ronan

We're hiring! Please get in touch if you are interested in this opportunity in the Kerry Limerick & Clare regions...


Seniors Alert Scheme - It's not only the first (free) years monitoring that matters to older people

by ronan

Under the new Seniors Alert Scheme, it's not only the first (free) years monitoring that matters to older people. All telecare suppliers have provided 5 years monitoring charges to Pobal (who provide the grant funding). These subsequent years monitoring charges should be viewable for Pobal registered community groups on the online portal.

After the participant's free first year's monitoring, TASK charge only €66.00 yearly. That's GUARANTEED for the following 4 YEARS under the scheme.

Our price includes VAT (...which works out at only €53.76 ex VAT per year).

Therefore if you are a community or voluntary organisation registered under the new Seniors Alert Scheme, please ensure older people know what suppliers will be charging them in subsequent years under the scheme.

And remember to compare like with like, by ensuring all prices given to older people are inclusive of VAT.





Seniors Alert Scheme Guarantee

TASK Panic Alarms on RTE's PrimeTime on Rural Crime

by ronan

As many of our customers are farmers or others who live in rural areas and have been with us for many years, it's great to hear TASK panic alarms getting a mention for giving reassurance to Ireland's rural residents on RTE's PrimeTime [from around the 18.00min mark].

The complete RTE episode on rural crime is worth a watch & available on RTE Player for a limited time (17 days left to date). Here's the link...





by ronan

One important question we were asked at a recent Seniors Alert Scheme information session was about our guarantee on equipment...

As long as TASK are carrying out your 24-hour monitoring, participants under the Seniors Alert Scheme get a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the monitored alarm with TASK. That includes battery replacements on your pendant button too.


Seniors Alert Scheme Guarantee

County Cork farmer saved by pressing pendant alarm button

by ronan

One of the great things about supplying socially monitored alarms is knowing that you bring peace of mind to family members by being there day and night for their loved ones. Many of our customers are farmers or others who live in rural areas and have been with us for many years. Earlier this month we received a lovely email from a County Cork Community Alert Officer, detailing how we were able to assist one farmer in the local area.

One reason the call seems to have got through is that the pendant range was long enough to call for help (that's the distance from the pendant button to the base unit). Our standard pendant range is around 300m and this is the type of incident that shows the importance of pendant alarm range, particularly for anyone living in more rural areas or who spends time outside in the grounds of their home.

We wanted to share the email and it has been reproduced below with the personal details changed...


"Just a quick email, on behalf of the family of Mr Pat O’Brien Co Cork who was saved from a very tricky situation recently by your monitoring centre staff.

Pat is a reasonably active man for his age and still tries to keep his small farm in order.

He was working on a piece of farm machinery (a topper) when it came down and trapped his leg underneath it.

He pressed his alarm button and fortunately the [base unit] in the house was still within range of the [pendant alarm].

The reaction of the monitoring station who could not communicate with Pat, who was outside in the yard, ensured that assistance arrived quickly.

The topper was raised off his leg which fortunately was not broken but he has suffered some nerve damage and is undergoing Physical therapy.

His brother asked me to say a very big Thank You to the staff in TASK."


He is very welcome! 

And thank you to the Community Alert Officer for taking the time to email us to let us know the outcome of the incident. And with details of how our brilliant Monitoring Centre Operators responded. Well done everyone!




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