Domestic Violence - Monitored Alarm Brochure

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For anyone who has suffered from domestic violence or who works in the community helping victims:

Our new domestic violence information brochure has just gone to print. It contains important details and options for monitored alarms to help protect victims of violence. Please contact the office if you would like to pre-order your copy today.

Our domestic violence 24/7 monitored alarm is one of the options. You can find out more about it on our Domestic Violence Monitored Alarm Page here. Once activated an audio recording can be made of all activity. We will arrange to get help to you without delay, day or night.

Ireland Customers: 1 8435889 UK Customers: 0845 304 55 35Domestic Violence Monitored Alarms

Our most comfortable automatic fall detector

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Comfort matters ...and when it comes to wearing a watch or a wristband, we all know that if it doesn't feel great you won't want to wear it.
Our fall detector has been designed with both reliability and comfort in mind.
Its ergonomic design gives maximum comfort for everyday life. It is waterproof too and is made from hypoallergenic plastics. It will trigger automatically on impact but also includes a panic button,
Have a look at the product leaflet on our website by clicking on the link below. It's by far the most comfortable wrist-worn automatic fall detector we have tested so far. And we're sure you'll agree that it looks great too.

No Panic Button, No Problem ...with Active Intelligent Monitoring

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Not wearing a panic problem!

Our Active Intelligent Monitoring (AIM) System provides your loved ones with an effective way to stay independent and safe 24 hours a day.

Every room in the home can be covered. If a person falls the AIM system will trigger a call to our 24/7 CareLink Monitoring Centre in County Meath. Have a look at the picture which shows a very basic system ...and remember we can tailor this for each individual's particular care needs ...adding additional devices as required for no extra monitoring charge.

Give us a call to request an information leaflet or more details or have a look on our website page

 24/7 Emergency Alert System


GPS Location Tracker for Dementia

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Wandering is a common behaviour associated with dementia. Sadly, many people who are not found within 24hrs are severely hurt or die. Our 'Lola' dementia location device with GPS can be used to support people prone to wandering. It's got worldwide coverage capabilities and is monitored 24 hours a day. More details on our website at


 ...or give us a call with any questions you have.

Location tracker dementia

Easypress Adapter for Emergency Call Button

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Emergency Call Button - Easypress Adapter 


The Easypress emergency call button allows people who are frail or who have limited dexterity to activate an emergency call for help from their home.

 Easypress emergency call button adapter

Most emergency call buttons, whether pendants or wristbands are designed to be relatively easy to press. However for the very frail elderly or anyone with limited dexterity including those with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson ’s disease, the strength and co-ordination needed to trigger the button is sometimes not enough.

Where this is the case, we recommend using our ‘Easypress’ adapter which fits over our Bosch Tx Transmitter emergency call button. For people with weak hands or lack of co-ordination, the Easypress adaptor is a cheap and safe way to ensure they are able to activate their call button when needed.

The slim Easypress adapter is a transparent plastic cover. It can be fixed on the arm of a wheelchair, armchair, attached to the side of a table or worn as a pendant.


How the Easypress emergency call button adapter works

When placed over a portable alarm button the Easypress adapter is larger than a standard emergency call button and therefore requires less co-ordination to press for help.

What may not come across as obviously by looking at the Easypress  adapter, is just how little force is required to press it. It requires only a delicate press making it suitable for many people who are too weak or do not have the co-ordination to press the standard emergency button.  This is because the design of the adapter works on the principles of leverage, meaning much less effort is needed to activate it. 

If you fall at home or need help urgently and can’t reach a telephone, you just push the Easypress adapter fitted over your alarm button and it will automatically connect you to our 24/7 CareLink Monitoring Centre in Ireland. After speaking with you through the two-way speech unit and giving reassurance, our trained CareLink Operators, we will send whatever help is needed. This could be through calling a member of your family or a neighbour to assist you. If the situation is more serious, our Operators will call an ambulance immediately, and let you know it’s on the way.


Can be used to answer incoming telephone calls

As with our standard pendant alarm buttons, the Easypress adapter can also be used to answer incoming telephone calls, allowing a hands free telephone call through your telecare base unit providing you have a compatible base unit.


Details & Pricing 

  • Ideal for people who are frail, weak, shaky or have limited dexterity including those with Motor Neuron disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's disease
  • Requires negligible amount of pressure to send a signal
  • Neat slim cover easily fits over your emergency pendant button
  • Can be attached anywhere: e.g. to a wheelchair, armchair, table top, bed frame or worn over a standard pendant call button pendant
  • Our CareLink Monitoring Centre Operators in Ireland provides assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for customers in Ireland & the UK 

The Easypress Adapter from TASK is now only €20. Please call or email us to place an order with us today.

To find out more about emergency call buttons and telecare please visit our pendant alarm page

An Garda Síochána - Safety Awareness Exhibition

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Are you interested in improving your home security? If you are put this date in your diary. Saturday 7 November 2015 is the An Garda Síochána Home Security Exhibition. It will be held in the Ashbourne GAA clubhouse this year.  Join us there...
Home Security Exhibition

7th November 2015


Ashbourne GAA Clubhouse
Home Safety Event
Exhibitors from alarm / CCTV / window / door experts, vehicle tracking

devices, services for the elderly, legal advice, cash security, insurance

advisors, safe companies, Wildlife Ranger / Dog warden, ISPCA, An Garda

Siochana, computer security, PSA, RSA, Road Crash simulator and shuttle

bus, locksmith, lighting, child safety, self defence, motorbike security,

bicycle safety / security, re safety and many more.


by ronan
 Join us at the...
Breaffy Sports Arena, Breaffy, Castlebar, Co Mayo
Saturday 31st October 2015 from 11am to 4pm
Supported by RSA/ HSA/ IFA/ MMA/HSE
Exhibitors including TASK will cover; Alarms, CCTV, Security lighting, Security Doors. Locksmiths. Gates, Gates Automation, Elderly Response Pendants, Tracking Systems, Home Insurance, Fire Safety products, Security Hedging, Road Safety – Motor products, Driving Schools, Cycle Safety
Numerous Community Services Stands
  • ORDER MALTA – First Aid Demonstrations,
  • FARM SAFETY – Presentations and Demonstrations
  • TEA/COFFEE DAY - With all donations going to Mayo Roscommon Hospice
Family Fun 
Meet Emergency Service Units, Garda Air Support, Garda Dogs Unit, Garda Mounted Unit, Garda Armed Regional Support Unit, Garda Water Unit
RSA Shuttle Bus, Crash Simulators and Mayo Fire Service - Fire Engines & Support vehicles
(Specialist Units available subject to operational requirements)

Personal Alarm Systems from TASK Community Care, Ireland

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A personal alarm can keep you safe 

With Autumn having now arrived and Winter fast approaching, we would encourage all elderly people and everyone else with a pendant alarm to make use of their personal alarm system. The personal alarms help people stay safe at home. They can make a huge difference to a person’s confidence and bring peace of mind to family members.

At TASK we know first-hand what a difference the alarm buttons make, because our CareLink Operators answer calls from hundreds of our clients in Ireland and the UK every day. These calls come into our 24 Hour Monitoring Centre in County Meath, when people need urgent help at home. Thankfully we can give immediate assistance and reassurance to those who have pressed the personal alarm button. We do this by contacting a named keyholder or relative.

Remember to wear your personal alarm

Unfortunately people sometimes forget to wear their personal alarm button and have no way of calling for help when they can’t reach a telephone. So if you have a personal alarm, please remember to wear it at all times.  And remember, if you’ve lost your pendant alarm button or wristband, it can be easily replaced by contacting us.

We want all our clients to stay safe and enjoy the Autumn season, knowing that there is always someone there for them at the touch of a button. This really can make all the difference, especially if you live alone. Your personal alarm button can also give real peace of mind to your family members. Because they know that if you have a fall or accident at home, help will be on hand quickly.

Buy your personal alarm online

If you don't already have one, you can now buy your personal alarm from our online store and it can be posted directly to your home address in Ireland, the UK or further afield. We can deliver monitored personal alarms or unmonitored versionsboth of which come with pendant/wristband button included. Why not order yours today? Full installation details are included and we also provide 24/7 technical support. 

Alternatively, if you want us to install the unit for you, or for further information about our 24/7 Personal Alarm Service, please contact us directly.

Personal Alarm ststempendant alarm telecare button

 Pictured: Bosch Carephone 62 Personal Alarm with Wristband Alert - Available today from our Online Store.


Louth Age-Friendly Business Consumer Fair 2015

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Age-Friendly Business Consumer Fair

We are looking forward to attending the Age-Friendly Business Consumer Fair, where we will demonstrate the telecare products and services available for older people.
Crowne Plaza, Dundalk, Co. Louth
Sunday 4th October 2015 – 12 noon to 5.00pm
We look forward to seeing you at this FREE event!
While there you will also be able to learn how other new innovate products can assist in the daily activities of living
Learn about services that are available to support you or a loved one in their own home and in the community
Listen to informative talks on matters that concern older people
and much much more...
A unique opportunity to learn about the innovative products and services
to enhance and secure our lives as we live longer

Join us at the Care & Mobility Show 2015

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Care and Mobility Show 2015

The Care and Mobility Show is Ireland’s biggest event of its kind and is all about products and services for people with disabilities or those who need assistance with their mobility. This annual event brings together the providers of products, services, advice and assistance, under one roof for two days, face to face with the very people who need them. We will be exhibiting both days and would really love to see you there. 


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