TASK Community Care

Pendant Alarms & Telecare

As Ireland's longest established telecare company, we provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of 24-hour monitored telecare, available in Ireland and the UK. Our assisted living and telecare products help people retain independence. From pendant and wristband alarm buttons, to the most technologically advanced passive monitoring systems, you can be assured of the TASK commitment to quality and customer care. We supply, install and provide 24-hour monitoring, from our CareLink monitoring centre in County Meath, Ireland.

TASK monitored alarm and telecare systems, operate on analogue (landline) telephone lines and digital (broadband) lines. GSM telecare systems are also available for homes with no phone-line. Additional pendant buttons and telecare devices (peripherals) can be added to TASK telecare systems, as and when a client's care needs change.

Assisted living products

A range of assisted living (non-monitored) fall prevention and detection products are also available. These standalone products can sound an alarm, or transmit an alert to a pager worn by a nearby carer. They are already used in many homes and care facilities throughout Ireland and the UK.

GPS location tracking

GPS locators are available for lone-workers, people with dementia, and others. The devices have an integrated SOS button. GPS locators can be monitored 24-hours a day by our CareLink team, or by a family member or carer. A breadcrumb trial is also viewable, showing the users last registered location and path of travel. Therefore, even if a user does not press the SOS button for help, they can usually be located using the last known or current GPS co-ordinates.

Online ordering, with local support

TASK was the first Irish telecare company to offer the option of online ordering, for pendant alarms and telecare systems. Clients now have the convenience of ordering telecare online but with the security of knowing that TASK is a locally based company, with a dedicated team of area representatives covering the Island of Ireland. In addition, a 24 hour technical support line is provided to all monitored alarm and telecare customers, for extra peace of mind.

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