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Could You Benefit From a Cold Temperature Detector (Hypothermia Alert)

The cold temperature/hypothermia detector alert, can send an alert to TASK's 24-hour monitoring centre via your telecare base unit, if room temperature falls below a safe level. By doing so, the alarm can help to prevent hypothermia in older people.

According to the HSE, if the temperature in your home falls below 16ºC you could be at risk of hypothermia. Hypothermia is dangerous, as it can easily lead to unconsciousness, and even death if the body’s temperature continues to fall. Older people are particularly vulnerable, as their mechanisms for regulating body temperature may not be as efficient as those who are younger, due to increasing age and chronic medical conditions. The HSE advises that room temperature is monitored, and that older people should keep the living room warm throughout the day (21º C if active, 24º C if inactive).

Hypothermia symptoms can include:

Pale skin.
Drowsiness and lethargic behaviour.
Mental confusion.
A loss of co-ordination.
Heavy breathing and slurred speech.
Feeling weak.
A state of shock.

The cold temperature/hypothermia detector is wireless, and along with your telecare base unit can be monitored, 24 hours a day. If you have an existing TASK telecare alarm, you can add a low temperature/hypothermia detector to your existing system (wirelessly). It's a great way to ensure the temperature in your home, or in the home of a loved one, doesn't drop below a safe level.

How much will the telecare monitoring cost?

TASK's telecare monitoring fees are €66 (ROI) £52 (UK). If you already have a TASK telecare system/pendant alarm for which we provide 24-hour monitoring, we will monitor your cold temperature detector/hypothermia alert, free of charge. All you will pay is the initial cost of the cold temperature detector.

How do I order my cold temperature detector?

You can order your cold temperature detector/hypothermia alert online [link to be added] or call us on 01 8435889 (ROI) or 02890 360280 (UK).


 Wireless Cold Temperature Detector / Hypothermia Alert 


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