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Portable Tx Transmitter (Carephone 62)


The Portable Transmitter is designed to trigger alarms, such as emergency calls, with the touch of a button. The Portable transmitter is ideal for anyone who requires an additional Transmitter for their BOSCH Carephone Social Alarm.

  • The transmitter can be worn around the neck as a pendant, worn on the wrist or simply clipped to clothing
  • Waterproof Protection
  • Automatic radio link monitoring
  • Automatic battery monitoring LED display



Dimensions:   11*41mm



Protection Class: IP 67 Waterproof and Dust proof

Power Supply: Replaceable Lithium Battery CR2430

Consumption: Transmission <22mA, 

Battery Lifetime: 5 Years, under following conditions: -1 alarm transmission per day

Automatic radio link and battery monitoring: Depending on type: every 20-31 hours