Monitored pendant alarms and other telecare devices can be used in any situation at home, when a person needs help but cannot reach a telephone. A basic telecare system consists of a pendant alarm button with telecare base-unit. The alarm button can be worn as a pendant or wristband. When pressed, the alarm button connects wirelessly to the telecare base-unit, which is usually located in the hallway of your home. The base-unit has two-way speech and will immediately dial through to our 24-hour CareLink™ Monitoring Centre in County Meath, Ireland. Trained CareLink™ operators can reassure you that help is on the way, if needed.

Telecare packages

Many types of monitored telecare products (peripherals) can also be easily added to the pendant alarm system. They include automatic fall detectors, monitored smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, and flood detectors. All the monitored devices link wirelessly to the same base-unit, meaning you can add or remove them as required. These optional telecare items can further reduce risks in the home. The links below provide further details on some specific uses of telecare:



How to order pendant alarms and telecare

You can order your pendant alarm and telecare devices from our online store or by contacting us. Tel. 01 843 5889 (Ireland) or 02820 360 280 (UK) during office hours or email