Monitored pendant alarms and other telecare devices can be used in any situation at home, when a person needs help but cannot reach a telephone. A basic telecare system consists of a pendant alarm button with telecare base-unit. The alarm button can be worn as a pendant or wristband. When pressed, the alarm button connects wirelessly to the telecare base-unit, which is usually located in the hallway of your home. The base-unit has two-way speech and will immediately dial through to our 24-hour CareLink™ Monitoring Centre in County Meath, and trained CareLink™ operators can reassure you that help is on the way, if needed.




Customers in the North of Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales can order pendant alarm and telecare devices directly from our TASK Connect branch based in Lurgan on +44 (0) 2820 360 280  during office hours or email