Telecare for Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Alarm

Domestic Violence Alarm Systems

A Domestic Violence Alarm can provide some security and peace of mind for people who have suffered physical abuse at home or who live in fear of domestic violence from an ex-partner. 


Domestic violence alarm with audio recording 

A discreet Panic Button can be worn as a wristband, pendant or clipped to clothing. Simply pressing the small button on the alarm will generate a call to our 24hr Monitoring Centre, where action will be taken by our CareLink operators. This could include calling the Emergency Services if required. This type of domestic violence alarm allows for recording of the incident which is available to you on request.


How it works

The system works by sending a wireless signal to a telecare base unit (hidden elsewhere in the home). It is the base unit that dials through to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre immediately when the emergency button is pressed. The base unit alarm can be configured to trigger silently, so the attacker will be given no indication that an alarm has been raised. Although this cannot guarantee a person's safety, it means Emergency Services or another contact person can be dispatched without delay to the location of the incident.


Other domestic violence alarms and precautions

Fixed position Mounted Panic Buttons can also be strategically placed around the dwelling for additional protection. For people who are nervous answering the door a Bogus Caller Button can be fitted to the front and back doors of the home. In addition, the ability to trigger live CCTV can be easily integrated to the system. In either case the recording (audio or visual) can often prove to be a high quality form of evidence against the attacker which can be used effectively in court proceedings. The alarms can help you continue to live at home, in the knowledge that if something happens, our operators will immediately be contacted at the push of a button.


How to purchase your domestic violence alarm

To arrange to have a domestic violence fixed-position panic button or other emergency alarm for your home please contact us. We can also answer any questions you have about how te domestic violence alarms work.


Support and help

If you have experienced domestic violence, you should contact a support organisation urgently. Women's Aid Ireland operate a freephone telephone helpline for anyone who has experienced physical or emotional domestic violence in Ireland and Women's Aid UK also offers this service which you can call 24 hours a day. These organisations have trained staff who can also advise on other precautions you can take in addition to having a domestic violence alarm in your home.