Warden Call Solutions

‘Concept’ Warden CallWarden Call System

Our ‘Concept’ Warden Call System is a high quality, cost effective solution for sheltered housing and residential care homes. The role of supported housing managers has changed and with on-site assistance being increasingly provided by mobile response teams, or other on-call staff, the adaptibility of our system will help you utilise these flexible working methodsResidents can communicate immediately with onsite care staff, on-call staff or to our 24hr Monitoring Centre. We can either monitor the Warden Call system 24 hours a day or on an out-of-hours basis from our CareLink Monitoring Centre in Ireland. 


Assisted living made easy

The system has a range of benefits for staff and residents. Expansion of the Concept Warden Call is simple, allowing you to integrate environmental sensors or many other telecare products to reduce risk for residents. The telecare devices can be added as and when required. Our telecare products page lists many of the additional sensors that can be integrated. They are all wireless so are easy to install. The complete system provides a range of functions within a flexible, easy to use package, offering advanced functionality to ensure the security and protection of residents and staff. It is easy to install and we provide cost effective maintenance for all your supported housing and extra care housing needs. 

Key features of the Concept Warden Call system

  • Up to 512 speech units
  • Unlimited telecare sensors which can be configured to each dwelling
  • Housing Management Portal
  • Call Routing facility- to nominated scheme managers or to our 24hr Monitoring Centre
  • Telecare stock management
  • Local and/or remote data storage on the cloud

The Concept Warden Call system can be integrated into building management facilities, fire systems, access control and door entry. The equipment meets all the latest standards and regulations including EN300 220-1: (2010) Category 1 receiver compliance and offers exceptional reliability achieved by manufacturing procedures following BS EN ISO9001:2000 and TickIT guidelines. TASK can also provide your Security Systems and Access Control Systems. Please contact us today to discuss your Warden Call system or other requirements.