Temperature Monitor

Temperature monitor for multiple applications


TASK supply high quality wireless temperature monitor and data loggers which can be used for temperature monitor
monitoring, alarming, and recording temperatures in multiple industries and environments. This includes farms and animal shelters, warehouses, greenhouses, freezer & fridge monitoring, building management and equipment monitoring. TASK temperature monitoring systems are capable of automated monitoring for almost any temperature critical application when a parameter goes out of specification.


Benefits of automated temperature monitoring

The device allows you to completely automate all your critical temperature monitoring. A key benefit is that this allows you and your staff get on with other tasks, as there is no need to check temperatures manually. Records are logged automatically by the system which also reduces excessive paperwork. 


How the temperature monitor works

The temperature monitor ensures that if temperatures go outside pre-set parameters (a drop or rise in temperature) an automated alarm will send to a mobile phone to give an immediate notification. The temperature alarm can also be sent to our 24/7 monitoring centre in Ireland. Our operators will notify you of any alerts when they happen ensuring you will never miss a call if the temperature goes outside allowable parameters. If for instance a refrigeration unit stops working in the middle of the night then an alarm notification will be sent allowing you to take immediate action. Installation and setup of the TASK temperature monitoring system is quick and the sensors are easy to install. They record temperatures 7 days a week, 365 days a year and can be used in any sized site in a range of industries.


Temperature monitor for quality control

Our temperature monitor automatically creates an audit trail for legal/regulatory compliance. All temperature data is archived and customised reports can be generated according to your requirements ensuring proof of temperature as and when you need it. Information is logged continuously and is available for review at any time.


Temperature monitoring for farms and animal shelters

Our temperature monitor datalogger is suitable for farming applications. This could include poultry production and animal shelters where a consistent climate for animals must be maintained.  


Fridge and freezer monitoring

Our fridge/freezer temperature monitoring solutions, alarming reduce the risk of destroyed product and assist with your regulatory compliance. Please visit our fridge and freezer temperature monitoring page for further details.


Whatever your temperature monitoring requirements, please give us a call to discuss. We cater for a range of industry applications and can customise our temperature monitor easily to suit your individual circumstances.