Telecare for Disability

Disability and Falls Telecare

Disability & assistive technology 

Disability aids and specialised assistive technology equipment are designed to help you stay safe and independent, whether you have a disability or are just getting older. Although often used by people with a physical disability, telecare is a form of assistive technology that can also effectively support individuals with a learning disability. In either case it can help people live with greater independence in the family home, or can support a first-time move to independent life. 


Telecare - Manually activated alerts

Telecare equipment calls for help in an emergency. Many of the devices allow you to manually activate an alert when help is needed. This could be by pressing the button on a pendant alarm or by using a pull-cord fitted in the bathroom. An alarm signal is then sent immediately to trained operators at our 24/7 CareLink™ Monitoring Centre in Ireland.


Telecare - Automatic alerts 

Telecare for people with a disability also includes alerts which activate automatically when help may be needed. This could include sensors which are fitted to doorways, or other equipment around the home. The sensors can tell if there is a gas leak, if you have left water running or if a pipe has burst. Other automatic sensors include monitored smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors. Some telecare devices can be programmed to send an alert if your routine changes, for example if you do not enter the kitchen during the day or sit in your usual chair. All sensors will trigger an alert to our 24/7 CareLink™ Monitoring Centre in Ireland when automatically activated.

Access control, door entry systems and key-safes

TASK Community Care can also supply and fit access control, door entry systems and outdoor key-safes which enable people with higher levels of physical impairment to control access to the home. All our key-safes are tamper proof. However, for added peace of mind, they can optionally be fitted with a tamper alert (transmitter) which will send an alert to our 24/7 CareLink™ Monitoring Centre in Ireland in the event that anyone tries to gain unauthorised access. Our trained operators can then take appropriate follow up action.


Disability care products for peace of mind

Telecare allows support to be provided to people with disabilities in a less intrusive way. Pendant alarms, pull-cords and other telecare products can also provide much welcomed reassurance and peace of mind for carers. For more information on how telecare works please visit our main telecare information page. To see our full range of telecare equipment please view our community care products. Alternatively, contact us for further information on using our disability products or to receive a free of charge quotation. Some common types of telecare equipment for people with a disability are also shown below:



Ceiling Mounted Pullcord can be located anywhere mobility problems exist. Often installed in the bedroom or bathroom as a precaution in addition to a mobile pendant and can be positioned in any areas where personal alarm button is unlikely to be worn. 




The Bed Occupancy Sensor is simply placed under the mattress covers of a bed. It can be programmed to send an alert immediately when an individual exits the bed. Alternatively, the alarm can be set to send an alert only when a person does not return to bed within a reasonable time. 



The Chair Occupancy is placed out of sight under the cushion of a chair. It can send an alert immediately when an individual leaves the chair, indicating a possible fall.




The Man Down Sensor is an innovative device that has a built-in tilt device, which detects if the person is in a horizontal position such as lying on the floor.  The Man Down sensor will automatically send an alarm when its position remains unchainged after a set period of time.