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Wireless Temperature Detector

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Wireless Temperature Detector

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Wireless Temperature Detector

A temperature detector ensures security

A temperature sector checks the room temperature every 8 seconds and reacts as soon as the temperature reaches 57°C. In this case, the device checks in the next three cycles whether the temperature continues to be over 57°C. After an additional three measurements, the alarm is triggered and the Carephone immediately alerts the 24-hour control centre. In addition, an optical signal is activated via LED and a signal tone. This early warning of possible hazardous temperatures makes it possible to act before people are injured and infrastructure is damaged. As soon as the temperature has decreased after an alarm, the temperature detector shifts to operational readiness within half a minute.

Temperature detectors as a logical alternative

Temperature detectors are particularly useful for rooms in which carbon monoxide detectors cannot be fitted; for example, in kitchens or in workshops where smoke formation is likely. Temperature detector should not be installed near ovens and stoves. An area of 25m² can be monitored with the temperature detector.

More protection through an automatic battery check

In order for you to be able to rely on the temperature detector in an emergency, automatic battery monitoring is performed, during which failures can be detected. Even during installation there is a small safety check – if no battery is inserted into the temperature detector, it cannot be attached to the socket.

The function of the temperature detector should then be checked using the test button. If a warning tone sounds, the temperature detector is working properly. If no warning tone sounds, you should check the battery and if necessary replace it with a new one. In addition to the radio link monitoring, possible faults in the function of the temperature detector can be checked. This monitoring allows broken sensors, which interrupt the functionality of the device, to be detected.

The Wireless Temperature Detector from TASK Community Care is compatable with the following BOSCH/Telealarm Carephones;

Carephone HTS 12 (Caveo)

Carephone HTS 62

Carephone HTS 72

Carephone HTS 74