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Wireless Flood Detector

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Wireless Flood Detector


A flood detector protects your home from water damage. Even small quantities of water can result in major damage to your home and furnishings. In basements/cellars in particular, flood detectors are used to provide protection from water ingress which might occur owing to very heavy rain or during floods.

Supports Independant living and Peace of Mind 


Wireless Flood Detector

The Wireless Flood Detector provides early warning of overflows and leaks permitting appropriate action to be taken to prevent serious damage.

This clever device automatically raises the alarm when water is detected. Sensors can be placed on a flat surface in the kitchen or bathroom, for instance under a sink or bath. An alert can sound in the home and the 24hr monitoring centre if leakage is detected. If you are not at home the 24hr monitoring centre staff will be alerted to the overflow and can contact you or one of your contacts.

The Wireless Flood detector is ideal for anyone who may be concerned about the risk of flooding within their property, early and prompt action is invaluable and can save many thousands of euros on repair bills.

The Wireless Flood Detector from TASK Community Care is compatable with the following BOSCH/Telealarm Carephones;

Carephone HTS 12 (Caveo)

Carephone HTS 62

Carephone HTS 72

Carephone HTS 74