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Vibby OAK Fall Detector

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Vibby OAK Fall Detector

Vibby OAK Fall Detector

Vibby OAK Fall Detector

The Vibby fall detector* from TASK is equipped with an emergency call button and an automatic alarm trigger in the event of a heavy fall.

In its development, special attention was paid to the fall detector providing the highest level of comfort so it can be worn permanently on the wrist. Thanks to the waterproof, hypoallergenic plastic, the fall detector can be worn comfortably just like a wristwatch.

There is no need to recharge the internal, replaceable batteries.


Vibby OAK Fall Detector Features

Manual Alarm

The emergency call button on the front of the Vibby OAK is identified by a tactile raised dots. By pressing this button in case of emergency, a manual alarm is triggered and transmitted to the Telealarm Carephone.

Automatic Alarm

In addition, a series of sensors and a powerful algorithm ensure that, in the event of a heavy fall, an automatic alarm is triggered and transmitted to the receiving station. To inform the user that a fall has been detected and an alarm will soon be triggered, the fall detector begins to vibrate and flash.

Cancel Alarm

The Vibby OAK Fall Detector automatic alarm is cancelled if the user stands up immediately after a fall (first 20 seconds).

Vibby OAK Fall Detector from TASK Community Care

*The Vibby Oak Fall Detector does not detect 100% of falls. If able the user should always press the SOS button when they need help.