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Telealarm Carephone 74 Audio Extender

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Telealarm Carephone 74 Audio Extender

Telealarm Carephone 74 Audio Extender



Telealarm Carephone 74 Audio Extender

Carephones are not only installed in one-room apartments, but also in apartments with several rooms or larger houses. The TA70 was developed as an additional voice station with loudspeaker and microphone to ensure that communication between the resident and the alarm-receiving centre functions optimally, even at a greater distance from the Carephone 74 itself. A good voice connection is essential in order to be able to provide targeted help in the event of an alarm or to rule out a false alarm.

The TA70 Audio Extender is designed for improved voice transmission to the alarm-receiving centre in conjunction with a Carephone. The TA70 can be installed in an adjacent room or on another floor than the Carephone. Voice transmission is in both directions, as the Audio Extender is equipped with both a microphone and a loudspeaker. The TA70 is compatible with the entire TA74 family and has the same design.

Telealarm Carephone 74 Audio Extender

Voice connection in both directions

The TA70 Audio Extender is equipped with both a speaker and its own microphone. The volume setting of the connected TA74 is always used.


The TA70 works in combination with any TA74 family Carephone. One loudspeaker can be connected per device. A 3m LAN cable is included in the scope of delivery.

However, several Carephones, each with an Audio Extender, can be connected on the same local network.
Use of the Devolo dLAN® 550 duo+ powerline adapter (included) thus ensures a partially wireless connection of the Audio Extender, even to remote rooms or over several floors. This offers greater flexibility and meets the needs of many Carephone users: A voice connection from anywhere in the home.


The TA70 Audio Extender can be configured using the Maintenance button or the Configuration Manager software. To check if the TA70 is switched on, the grey button of the main unit can briefly be pressed to play a message/beep on the TA70 Audio Extender.

The TA70 Audio Extender offers you the following advantages:

• Easy programming via an intuitive service menu
• Best in class audio quality
• Audio streaming over IP connection
• Vocal guidance
• Quick and easy installation
• Easy care – easy to clean and waterproof according to IP32
• 100% high-quality ABS material in premium white
• same size and design as the TA74 family

Telealarm Carephone 74 Audio Extender from TASK Community Care