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Door Exit Alarm

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Door Exit Alarm


The Door Exit Alarm reduces the posibility of an individual with memory problems leaving the premises unaccompanied where there is a risk they may become lost.

Supports Independant living.


Door Exit Alarm

The Door Exit Alarm is an alert system for doorways often used by those who are caring for people with Dementia or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  The device works by transmitting an alarm through a telecare base unit each time a door is opened.

The device can be pre-programmed to alert only during pre-set hours.

Autism related wandering

For children with Autism, wandering is a common and dangerous risk. Wandering behaviour puts a high amount of stress on families and carers. The wandering alarm can be an effective way to control the risk without excessively limiting a child's freedom. It can be particularly useful for night-time wandering behaviours to prevent wandering outside of the home from ever happening. 

Dementia wandering 

The prevention of wandering is important for people with Alzheimer's and Dementia. People with these conditions are often prone to wandering behaviours which can result in them becoming lost, confused or disorientated. Having wandering alarms in place can reduce the worry and risks from this type of behaviour. 

How the wandering alarm works

The wandering alarm is a door contact sensor which works with a telecare base unit. An alarm is raised automatically when a person opens a door during pre-set times. The alarm transmits a wireless signal to the telecare base unit which can then direct the alarm to the mobile telephone of a carer or family member. By sending an immediate alert to a mobile telephone quick action can be taken to eliminate the risk. For instance alarms can be placed at a door leading into a hallway or/and at the front or back doors. An alert will then be sent to the telecare base unit in the home when any of the doors are opened.

The Door Exit Alarm from TASK Community Care is compatable with the following BOSCH/Telealarm Carephones;

Carephone HTS 12 (Caveo)

Carephone HTS 62

Carephone HTS 72

Carephone HTS 74