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Dementia Door Alarm

In stock

Dementia Door Alarm

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Dementia Door Alarm

The anti-wandering system prevents a loved one or resident in nursing care with Dementia from leaving a designated area or building when doing so could otherwise endanger them. 

Protect against wandering 

The anti-wandering Dementia Door Alarm is designed to help carers and healthcare staff to care for people with Alzheimer's or Dementia and keep them safe. The system immediately alerts when someone who is wearing a wristband attempts to wander within the proxomity of a doorway, thus diverting them from exiting. This can greatly relieve pressure for carers who look after a loved one with Dementia.  

How the Dementia Door Alarm works

A magnetic strip is placed on the side of a doorway. When a person wearing the patient wristband approaches the door, a small transmitter in the patient wristband triggers the magnetic strip.  An alarm then sounds audibly and also flashes. A carer or healthcare staff member can then silence the alarm using a caregiver key which is included in the kit. 

Simple Installation

  1. Mount door bar & activate transmitter
  2. Test
  3. Put wristband on resident

Affordable – No Wiring – No Electricians