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Bogus Caller Button

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Bogus Caller Button


The Bogus Caller Button activates silently when pressed, allowing a Monitoring Centre Operator to listen to the conversation with a doorstep caller, and notify Emergency Services if required.

The Bogus Caller Button is one of the most efficient ways of protecting people within their home in the event of unwanted callers.

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Bogus Caller Button 

The Bogus Caller Button provides reassurance for anyone who is cautious about answering their door to strangers or people claiming to be tradespersons. It is used with a telecare base unit to provide protection and give peace of mind, 24 hours a day. 

Crimes in which elderly people have been targeted by thieves have left many of us feeling vulnerable at home. Incidents like this are not limited to older people and can happen to anyone, particularly those living alone.

These types of crimes often involve bogus callers such as fake tradespersons. Although any one of us can be a victim, older people sometimes have more fear about this type of crime because of the greater potential impact to their mental and physical health.

To help counteract this type of crime and to reduce the associated fear of incidents such as this, our Bogus Caller Button, provides a way to ensure that people who feel vulnerable are never left to deal with a situation alone. The Bogus Caller Button can also be used when someone has suffered from domestic violence and is afraid to answer the door. 

How your Bogus Caller Button works

The button is located inside the front or back door of your home. Just press it before opening the door, even if you are only slightly unsure of a caller’s identity. Day or night, once activated our trained response centre staff can listen in silently to make sure that you are safe. If a situation should arise that you require assistance we will make immediate contact with relatives/neighbours or the emergency services depending on the situation to ensure you are never left to deal with the situation alone.

The Bogus Caller Button is simple to install. It links wirelessly to the telecare base unit. If you already own a telecare base unit or socially monitored alarm that is monitored by TASK, we do not charge an additional monitoring fee for the Bogus Caller Button.

The TASK Community Care Bogus Caller Button is battery operated, 7 year battery life approx with an average of one test per day.

Operating at 869Mhz.

Colour: Grey with red button

Button Press LED: Red

Mounting Bracket: Supplied

Battery: CR2450

Manufacturer: TASK

CE Mark,

IP 65,

The TASK Bogus Caller Button is compatible with the full range of Telealarm and Bosch Carephone range including the following models:

Carephone 10,

Carephone 12 Caveo,

Carephone 52,

Carephone 62,

Carephone 72,

Carephone 74,

The Bogus Caller Button from TASK Community Care, Protecting People and Property Since 1974.


Simply great
fob arrived yesterday, already programmed on system. easy to install. thanks
Got these for my mams alarm, good idea. Helpful assistance for unwanted callers.

Best regards

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