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(PEP) Personal Emergency Pendant

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(PEP) Personal Emergency Pendant


PEP Personal GPS Tracker €130

Monthly Monitoring Fee €18 (including 24hr monitoring and World Sim Card)

Please take a moment to watch our short video on the PEP Location Tracker


(PEP) Personal Emergency Pendant is available in 4 stylish colours
Monthly fee of €18 applies. This includes 24hr monitoring and roaming sim card. A minimum of 6 months monitoring is required upfront.

(PEP) Personal Emergency Pendant

The (PEP) Personal Emergency Pendant 4G GPS Locator is a discreet and lightweight device. It has been designed for monitoring the Elderly, Dementia Patients, Lone Workers and those with a disability with Two-Way handsfree speech.



The PEP 4G GPS Locator available in four stylish colours


In the event of an emergency, accident sudden ilness or a fall the user can simply activate the PEP GPS Locator by pressing the SOS button on the device and the "Two-Way Speech" communication function allows our 24hr monitoring centre responders or family / carers etc. to hold a live "Two-Way Speech" conversation hands free while identifying the GPS location anywhere in the world with accuracy of feet.

(PEP) Personal Emergency Pendant 4G GPS Locator Features:

The (PEP) Personal Emergency Pendant GPS Locator has a built in 3D G-Sensor that is used for motion/shock alarm, fall detector etc. The PEP GPS locator has both outdoor tracking and BLE/WIFI indoor tracking with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and high GPS accuracy aand AGPS support.

  • Simple SOS Alarm Button 
  • Docking Charging Station
  • Two Way Calling
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Small and discreet
  • Available in four colours: Black, Pink, Lime Green and Blue


Other features of the (PEP) Personal Emergency Pendant GPS Locator include:

  • Fall Detection *
  • Geo Fencing
  • No Movement Alarm
  • Low GPRS Data Flow


(PEP) Personal Emergency Pendant 4G GPS Locator  Available as an Indoor Tracking Solution:

The (PEP) Personal Emergency Pendant GPS Locator can operate successfully indoors with the addition of our Bluetooth Beacons.  This is a huge step in indoor signalling and has posed a technical challenge for GPS devices for a long period as GPS does not work reliably within interior spaces. We use mesh network technology (10 meter accuracy) allows super precise indoor tracking of people and objects.

(PEP) Personal Emergency Pendant 4G GPS Locator Specifications:

Dimensions: 61mm * 44mm * 16mm

Weight: 35g

Battery Backup: Rechargeable 3.7V, 850mAh (Li Polymer) 

Charging Voltage: 5V DC

Operating Temperature: -20 to + 55 (Degrees Celcius) in working mode, -30 to + 70 in storage

Battery Life : 2 - 5 Days (under normal working conditions)

Water Resistant: Follow the IPX6 Standard


(PEP) Personal Emergency Pendant 4G GPS Locator available from TASK Community Care, Ireland and the UK's No 1 supplier and monitoring provider for state of the art GPS locators.

*PEP does not detect 100% of falls. If able, the user should always press the SOS button when they need help.

*If you have a pacemeker, you cannot wear the GPS product around your neck. Please only attach to a belt clip or keyring. Your GPS product must not be worn within 25cm of your pacemaker.

Got this device through the local nurse. works really well and easy to use. Our daughter has the app on the mobile and can keep updated where myself and my husband are located. i find this very reassuring to have.
Handy device, would recommended everyone to have a personal emergency pendant. Battery life about a week, the operators are always friendy. Very good.
I love this alarm unit, very small and lightweight. The clarity of the responders voice is superb. Had a different gps tracker previously, the sound quality was dreadful and the battery only lasted hours. On the other hand we are getting several days battery life our of our PEP button. The responders are very polite and helpful and sales force know their stuff. We were dealing with Cathal. Superb *****
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