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SENTRY Roll Up Receiver

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SENTRY Roll Up Receiver


SENTRY Roll Up Receiver






SENTRY Roll Up Receiver

SENTRY Roll-Up Receiver 3 Channel 220V Receiver For Industrial Roll Up.

The Roll Up Receiver from SENTRY

The SENTRY Roll-Up Receiver is an innovative product developed by Martin Electronics. The product is used in conjunction with the Inductrial type roll-up motors. The Roll Up receiver kit from SENTRY contains two parts:

A) The Roll Up Receiver

B) Three Channel Handheld Remote (Up,Stop and Down Buttons)


SENTRY Roll-Up Receiver Functionality

The SENTRY Roll-Up receiver can be connected in the place of the standard wall mount control unit. The unit provides 3 outputs for Up, Stop and Down control. The device contains an onboard buzzer that indicates when a button is pressed.


  • AC Garage Door Actuator Systems
  • Operating Voltage: 200-250V AC 50/60Hz
  • Lamp Relay Contact: 5A at 220VAC
  • Receiver Type: 433.92MHz Code Hopping (Rolling Code)

SENTRY Roll Up Receiver Type Approvals:

  • ETSI 300 683
  • ETSI 300 220-1 MPT 1344
  • CE
  • ICASA TA-2004/741

The SENTRY Roll-Up Receiver, 3 Channel 220V Receiver For Industrial Roll Up is manufactured by world leading electronics company Martin Electronics. Please take a moment to view our SENTRY Roll Up Receiver Video.

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