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Carelink Fall Alarm with Pad Life Indicator

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Carelink Fall Alarm with Pad Life Indicator




Carelink Fall Alarm with Pad Life Indicator

The Carelink Fall Monitor Automatically Tracks Pad Life This monitor automatically tracks pad life so you no longer have to record dates on pads.  The Fall Monitor is equipped with a countdown recording the days the pad has been in use and the Check Pad Light will illuminate 10 days in advance to pad expiration.  A beep will also alert you that it’s time to change pad.  When used in conjunction with Timed Bed & Chair pressure pads, this monitor will easily save time and staff resources

Carelink Fall Alarm with Pad Life Indicator

Easy to use fall prevention system.

The Carelink Fall Monitor can be placed beside a bed or ca be attached to a wheelchair, from here it an be easily connected to a corded sensor pad. This sensor pad is then placed under the resident and when the resident gets up and pressure is releaved from the pad, the monitor will sound alerting the caregiver. The Monitor will automatically reset when pressure is re-applied to the connected sensor unit.

Patetented Tamper Proof Technology

This monitor has been equipped with an optional TamperProof Setting which, when enabled, the monitor requires caregivers to use the provided Caregiver Key to reset the alarm. This tool prevents resident tampering witht the unit and ensures that only the designated caregiver casilence alerts.


– Automatically counts down days pad is in use and sends alert when pad life is near expiration.

– Includes Patented TamperProof Caregiver Key. Only the caregiver can turn monitor off.

– Auto-Reset Functionality.

– Nurse Call System Enabled.

– Battery Operated (3-AA, Not Included).

– Optional AC Power Adapter (AC-05).

The Carelink Fall Alarm with Pad Life Indicator from TASK Community Care

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