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Carelink Recordable Dual Fall Alarm

In stock

Carelink Recordable Dual Fall Alarm

Carelink Recordable Dual Fall Alarm



– Professional Grade


– Dual Functions


– Recordable


– Pad Lost, Low Battery & Monitor Status Indicator Lights


– Nurse Call System Ready


– Monitoring Options:

          Corded Bed Pad

          Chair Pad

          Floor Mat

          Seat Belt

Carelink Recordable Dual Fall Alarm


The Carelink DUAL Recordable Voice Monitor operates as a pull-string monitor OR sensor pad monitor and can be transferred from bed to wheelchair and back with ease, this eliminates the need for multiple monitoring devices.  The alarm asounds when the magnetic pull-string is removed from the monitor or when pressure is removed from the sensor pad. The Monitor automatically resets when the magnetic pull cord is returned or when pressure is re-applied to the sensor pad.

Carelink Recordable Dual Fall Alarm Personalised Recordings

Eliminate the startling alarm by recording a personalized message to be played when the alarm is activated.  With 15 seconds of playback time available, you can record a plesant tone or familiar voice to be played as the alert sound, such as “Hello Mrs.Smith, Can you Please sit down, help is on the way.

Always on Means Always Ready

This Monitor has no ON/OFF switch, which means it is ALWAYS ON and cannot be turned off.  The Caregivers can use the easily accessible Alarm Reset Button to silence the alarm and care to resident needs without the any chance for accidentally leaving alarm off, causing the residents safety not to be met.

The Carelink Recordable Dual Fall Alarm from TASK Community Care.