Northern Ireland Telecare & Pendant Alarms

Pendant Alarm & Telecare Pricing - Northern Ireland 

Our Northern Ireland telecare and personal alarm branch is TASK Connect. The monitored alarms available from TASK Connect are suitable for homes with or without a landline and/or broadband. For homes with no phoneline a GSM telecare unit can be provided with SIM card.  

Benefits of TASK monitoring your NI telecare system

Free battery replacements for your pendant alarm button (...most other telecare suppliers apply a charge)

Fully digital telecare units for customers with WiFi and broadband. Means faster connection speed, more reliable & no phone charges!

Free maintenance for your telecare base-unit while we are monitoring your telecare system

Top quality pendant alarms and telecare from TeleAlarm| Swiss Design • Made in Germany

Pendant alarm button range (from base unit) is up to 300 metres free field. That's more than six times the distance of some of our competitor's pendant alarms, which transmit only up to 50m from a telecare alarm base unit. That can be particularly important if you leave your weekly recycyling out yourself, or if you like to spend time in your garden!

The telecare pendant/wristband alarm button is IP 67 water-proof and dust-proof


Telecare For Homes in Northern Ireland With No Phoneline (Monitored GSM Alarms)

If there is no landline at home, a GSM telecare unit (fitted with SIM card) can be provided, for 24-hour access to the monitoring centre.


Safety First Telecare™ | Unlimited call credit for panic alarm activations

GSM units can be supplied with unlimited call credit for panic alarm activations to our 24-hour monitoring centre, meaning no additional call charges for the client.


Safety First Telecare™ | Multi-network roaming SIM card 

In the interests of client safety, we only use multi-network roaming SIM cards in GSM telecare units. These are not steered to a specific network which means they are free to connect to the strongest connection available. Should an emergency call fail to get through for any reason on one network, the roaming SIM will search for another network (such as O2, Vodaphone, Three or EE). Client safety is therefore increased as access to all UK mobile networks quadruples the reliability of the critical communications path to the monitoring centre. Or for up to date pricing please visit the TASK Connect website.


*We will require contact details of at least two nominated contacts/keyholders in case of a fall or emergency, for when you press your pendant alarm button for help. Your telecare system will be monitored 24/7, 365 days a year by trained CareLinkCall Handlers. Contact TASK Community Care on 02820 360280 during office hours, with any of your Northern Ireland pendant alarm and telecare enquiries or to order.