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Monitored Smoke Detector

monitored smoke detectorMonitored smoke detector 


Monitored smoke detector protects when you are at home or away

With a monitored smoke detector your home is safe, even if you or a loved one is frail, has a disability or is not at home.

Fire poses one of the most serious threats to people at home. Most people already have a standard smoke detector installed and this is one of the most effective ways you can protect yourself from the devastating effects of a house fire.

But have you ever thought about who would hear the alarm if you were unconscious, had fallen or were not at home? At TASK we don’t just install standard smoke detectors, but detectors with 24/7 monitoring.

Difference between monitored and regular smoke detectors

A monitored smoke detector sounds in your home just like a typical smoke detector and is identical in detection speed. However the risks to life and property are reduced, particulary for people with disabilities or who are frail.

This is because monitored smoke detectors are connected to a telecare base unit. When smoke is detected, the detector triggers the base unit which automatically relays an emergency call to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre in Ireland (or to a carer). The Emergency Services can then be contacted on your behalf. 

Your monitored alarm comes with a speaker and microphone built into the base unit. This means our monitoring centre operators can immediately listen and talk into your property if an alarm signal is received.  The base unit is usually positioned centrally in your house, for example in the hallway.  This allows our operators to check the situation and call the emergency services if necessary. Giving you added protection against smoke and fire.

When the smoke alarm is triggered we immediately know the location within your home that the alarm is coming from, based on where the detector is fitted. A number of detectors can be installed in different rooms. We can then give the Emergency Services details to help direct the efforts of the Fire Service more effectively.

An additional benefit is that our monitored smoke detectors have automatic low battery reporting to the Monitoring Centre.


Easy to add additional wireless detectors

Other wireless telecare detectors and devices can be easily integrated to work wirelessly with your single base unit, including smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, and movement (PIR) sensors. Giving you complete peace of mind at home.

Easy setup

If you are installing the smoke alarm in your own home it is just as easy to set up as a standard wireless smoke detector. It involves screwing in a mounting plate, just as with a traditional smoke detector. The detector then snaps into the mount easily. 

How to purchase

If you have any questions or to purchase your wireless monitored smoke detector please contact us.


INFORMATION LEAFLETS: [PDF] Monitored Smoke Detector