Lone Worker Alarm

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Lone worker alarm - stay safe at work

TASK offers a range of services to cater for the needs of lone workers including our lone worker alarm. Whether you require GPS tracking systems monitored by our 24hr Monitoring Centre or frequency check-in calls we can cater for your needs. 


Lola GPS lone worker alarm/tracker

A lone worker alarm provides protection at the touch of a button and gives remote workers the peace of mind needed to focus on work, without the worry of an incident that potentially threatens their wellbeing. Our 'Lola' lone worker alarm is a GPS tracker, designed for people who could potentially find themselves in a threatening situation while working remotely. The tracker contains an SOS alert, two way speech capability and optional fall alarm, speed sensing and geo-fence capabilities. It is used by a wide- range of lone workers to reduce risks to their personal safety. 


How it works

The Lola lone worker alarm is a compact and lightweight device that can be worn discreetly as a pendant. It can also be attached to a keyring or carried in the secure section of a bag. The lone worker alarm can be monitored 24 hours a day on your behalf from our 24/7 Monitoring Centre in Ireland. In the event that a worker requires assistance, they simply press the SOS button on the alarm to connect to our Monitoring Centre, enabling them to summon fast, effective backup in the event of an incident occurring.

Our operators can listen-in and if it’s safe to do so, talk to the employee.  All calls are recorded automatically for your safety and peace of mind. The recording can later be used as evidence, for instance in court proceedings. Our operators’ can also the view the GPS location via our online mapping software. They will escalate the situation in line with what is an appropriate response and based on prior agreed protocols to ensure the individual’s safety. They will summon immediate assistance for the lone worker if necessary.

Alternatively you can choose to monitor your own employees or family members who work remotely via our web portal. The web portal gives you complete insights into the current location and historical movements of your workers or family members. Location updates are automatically received every 30 minutes or as otherwise agreed.


Lone worker check-in calls

We also offer a check in service for employees. This can be arranged to fit your circumstances, safeguarding your employees while carrying out their daily tasks. Employees just press a button to indicate they are safe and well. If our operators do not hear from them at the agreed time, we will follow agreed protocols until we know they are safe. This can include contacting the worker directly and the use of a pre-arranged password to indicate whether or not they need assistance.

As every situation is unique we can design a monitoring package to suit the requirements of your business and employees. Please contact us today to discuss our flexible lone worker alarms or employee check-in service.