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GPS has become a mainstream consumer and commercial technology and GPS tracking devices have proved invaluable in many industries worldwide. The tracking devices are now extremley accurate and easy to use with varying applications. TASK can arrange the most suitable tracking device for your circumstances. 


Worldwide location tracking

The Lola tracker is a small GPS location tracking device that can be worn discreetly as a pendant or placed elsewhere out of sight. It can be used to monitor the location of an individual anywhere in the world, wherever there is satellite/GPS coverage. Alternatively, location and monitoring of assets can be carried out using the device. For location tracking of people for peace of mind, our Lola tracker provides a personal 24/7 emergency response service to anyone who needs added reassurance. The system logs the person's whereabouts. It also records details of their location and leaves a 'breadcrumb trail' of their movements which is viewable on our web portal. Tracking devices can be used by many different people, for instance people with dementia who are prone to wandering. All a person needs to do is press a discreet panic alarm button if in need of emergency assistance. Their location can be viewed through the online web portal even if the alarm button has not been pressed.


Location tracking functions

The Lola tracker features a two-way voice funtion and real time tracking. Other fuctions include panic button, adjustable geofence capabiity (automatic alerts when entering or exiting designated areas) alerts if going above a certain speed (alerting if someone is in a car or bus) and a low battery indicator. The Lola tracker includes an internal G-Sensor for automated fall alerts. The G-Sensor can be calibrated to different sensitivities and will send an alert during a fall or sudden impact.


Monitoring of your location tracker

You can choose to monitor our location trackers from home or your mobile phone by logging into our online maps facility with your unique customer ID and password. The device can be programmed to send text alerts, emails or notifications to the online platform and many alerts can also be received by mobile telephone. Current location or last registered location and time/type of alert can be viewed depending on settings and coverage. Alternatively, 24/7 monitoring can be done by TASK from our Monitoring Centre in Ireland. 


Tracking devices - tracking applications

Common applications include lone-worker protection, field-trip tracking and ensuring children are safe. Some people bring the tracker with them on family holidays too. It's up to you, how you choose to use the device and whether or not you want to monitor it yourself.

Dementia location trackerThe Lola tracking device can also be used as an assistive technology for someone who suffers from Dementia and is prone to wandering, or for other elderly care assistance. Please view our Dementia location tracker page for more information on this. 

Lone worker alarm - For safequarding of employees. GPS location tracking devices can be used by vulnerable or isolated workers or anyone who works remotely and wants to feel safe. For instance if employees or family members provide outreach services in a clients home. As many appointments are carried out by a single worker, these types of occupations are more open to risks from verbal or physical abuse. Lone worker tracking devices let people carry out their jobs, with the reasurrance that they will not be left to deal with a situation alone.

Please contact us directly if you are unsure of the tracking device that is most suited to your needs or for any questions you have on any of our tracking devices or systems.


 SOS Assistance with Panic Button  Real Time Tracking with GPS    Speaker Phone 
GSM/GPRS worldwide coverage     StrongOver Speed Alert             Vibration Alert
 Out of GeoFence Alert                    Event Logger for Evidence        Fall Alert
 Extended battery life for up to 5 days with sleep mode

Telecare For


  • High Sensitivity 
  • SMS - GPRS - 2 Way Voice Communication
  • Speaker Phone
  • Auto Answer with Vibration
  • Geo-Fencing with in and Out Alert
  • G Sensor for Man-Down alert
  • Built-In-data logger to record waypoint and event
  • Real time dynamic position reporting based on time or distance
  • Li-Ion Polymer battery 850mA/h
  • Sleeping mode for up to 5 days
  • Dimensions: 5.4 * 4.0 * 1.6cm



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Pictured: Lola location tracking device with packaging