Ep-It Guardian Monitor

Ep-It Guardian Monitor


The Guardian Monitor is our most advanced monitor and can be applied to the most demanding situations. Like the Companion it can monitor Bed Movement, Sound, Incontinence, Vomiting and Bed Vacation.

In this case the movement detection has the capability of supporting those with Tonic/Clonic and Tonic only (supporting those at risk of SUDEP) seizures. It is used by many in a professional care environment, respite and educational facilities because of its highly adaptable operation. It is equally perfect for domestic use where there are complex seizure patterns.

The Bed Movement detection uses a highly sensitive sensor under the mattress is used to analyse the size & frequency of movement. An alarm is raised if the movement indicates lack of normal movement or gross seizure movements.

A learning mode allows the unit to record the normal movement activity overnight to establish the safe criteria. The sound sensor is a special internal microphone to detect sharp gasps, clicks or groans. The device however is insensitive to background noise such as talking, tv’s, radio’s or vacuums. The Enuresis Sensor* (vomit or urination) is a comfortable thin cotton sheet placed on a mattress or pillow with embedded silver wires to detect moisture from urination or vomit.

The sheet does not induce sweating, like plastic, and hence reduces sores and false alarms. The monitor will detect if the sensor wires become broken after washing. During Bed Vacation* the monitor can be set to give either an immediate alarm when the occupant leaves the bed, or only an alarm if the bed is vacant too long (which may indicate a collapse in the room). The normal sensor is a pressure mat on top of the mattress but a range of other techniques are available for all client and mattress types.