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Enuresis Alarm (Bedwetting Alarm)

Enuresis/Bedwetting Alarmbedwetting alarm enuresis alarm

The enuresis alarm (bedwetting alarm) sounds an alert if wetness is detected in the bed. The sensor can be used to give notification of nocturnal enuresis in adults giving an early alert that bedding needs to be changed. This can give reassurance that your loved ones are being cared for if they rely on a carer to change bedding if it becomes wet. It also helps individuals retain control and greater autonomy if they are able to change the bedding independently. 

How the bedwetting alarm works

The sensor pad is placed between the sheet and mattress and it automatically transmits an audible alarm when excess wetness is detected.

The enuresis device can also be set up to trigger a gentle vibrating pillow alert in addition to or instead of the audible alert sounding. This can be ideal in cases where an individual wants to change bedding independently but has hearing problems and would not be wakened by the audible alarm sounding.

Alternatively, the alert can be send to an in-house carer so that bedding can be changed by the carer without the individual having to wait until the wetness is noticed in the morning. The alarm can sound beside the bed or can transmit a signal to elsewhere in the building. 

An alternative option is to have the alert sent through to trained Operators in our 24hour Monitoring Centre who can then notify your carer. This can reduce the need for physical checks being made by carers and therefore helps people retain a greater degree of autonomy and privacy. An additional benefit of this option is that a log can be kept showing when the bedwetting alarm was changed. 

How to purchase your bedwetting alarm

Please contact us to purchase your bedwetting alarm. You may also be interested in our Enuresis Alarm which works in a similar way but is for use on chairs. If you have any questions about either device before purchasing please do not hesitate to get in touch with us first and our staff will answer any questions about the bedwetting alarm or enuresis alarm you have.


INFORMATION BROCHURES: [PDF] Enuresis Bedwetting Alarm