Emergency Alert System

Emergency Alert SystemEmergency Alert System


The Emergency Alert System is an all in one 24/7 solution for the elderly or disabled. It automatically generates alarm calls if a person needs help. The Emergency System consists of a combination of sensors in the home which wirelessly link to one single base unit. Every room in the property can be covered if neccessary. It is a complete integrated solution that keeps you safe twenty four hours a day.

The Emergency Alert System is also know as the 'Active Intelligent Monitoring' (AIM) solution and it is manufactured by Bosch. The all in one system allows you to move freely around without the need to wear a pendant alarm button. You can relax in the knowledge that you are protected, day and night. Enabling you to continue living independently at home.  

Pictured: Typical 'Emergency Alert System' installation for the elderly or disabled

How the Emergency Alert System Works 

The Emergency Alert System provides a scalable, ‘virtual safety net’ within your home by providing you with constant non-intrusive activity monitoring. Sensors are placed around the home to detect activity. Activity could include walking, sitting in a chair or lying in bed. This can be customised depending on your requirements. When no activity is detected for a continuous period (pre-programmed at 30 minutes) the system generates an alarm call to our 24hr Monitoring Centre in Ireland (or other pre-programmed location). This could be following an incident such as a trip or fall. For instance, if someone has left the bed during the night and has fallen in another room. 


System Design for Assisted Living 

The emergency system can be tailored from 1 bed sensor up to 10 sensors including chair sensors and PIRs. Standard pendants and fall detectors can be used in conjunction with the PIR sensors. The activity monitoring can be enabled and disabled either by using the Home/Away button or remotely by the Monitoring Centre. 

Typical Installation

● 1 x ‘Active Bed Sensor’ and over mattress mat – Depending on the bed type, different mats/ribbons/weight sensors are available.
● 1 x ‘Active Chair Sensor’ and under cushion mat – Depending on the chair type, different mats/ribbons are available.
● 3 Passive Infra Red (PIR) Detectors – Bedroom, Kitchen and bathroom required for a standard system, a maximum of 6 PIRs recommended depending on other radio peripherals connected to the telecare device (10 maximum in total). Door contacts can be used instead of a PIR in bathrooms where there may be excessive amounts of moisture.

How to purchase your Emergency Alert System

For further information or to purchase your Emergency Alert System please contact us.