Community Care Product Listing


The Social Alarm consists of a base unit and alarm button which can worn as a pendant, clipped to clothing or discreetly worn as a wristband. One touch of the button will link to our 24/7 Response Centre, where we will communicate with you through the two way speech facility and summon help if necessary.


The Monitored Smoke Detector activates automatically when smoke is detected within the dwelling. When activated a loud audible sounder will activate with in the dwelling alerting residents of the possibility of fire.



Our automatic pill dispenser range is designed especially for the elderly or people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It can also be used for people with sensory or cognitive impairments, as well as patients who are required to take a number of medications at various times each day.


The Inactivity Monitor can be used to detect unusual periods of inactivity within the home. For instance, can be placed on cupboard doors and/or inner doors in the home and will alert our Response Centre staff after an agreed time of inactivity, and who can then make a check up call.


Our Carelink GMS Social Alarm encompases all the features of a standard social alarm, however it uses a mobile newtork to communicate with the 24hr monitoring centre or onsite carer. The system is ideal of anyone who does not have a landline telephone within their property.



The Bed Occupancy Sensor is simply placed under the mattress covers of a bed. It can be programmed to send an alert immediately when an individual exits the bed. Alternatively, the alarm can be set to send an alert only when a person does not return to bed within a reasonable time. 


The Chair Occupancy is placed out of sight under the cushion of a chair. It can send an alert immediately when an individual leaves the chair, indicating a possible fall.



The Enuresis Bed sensor can provide early warning for individuals who experience incontinence while sleeping. The sensor pad is placed between the sheet and mattress and automatically transmits an alarm if excess wetness is detected.


The Enuresis Chair sensos can provide early warning for individuals who experience incontinence while sitting on a chair. The sensor pad is placed on the cushion and automatically transmits an alarm if excess wetness is detected.


The Man Down Sensor is an innovative device that has a built-in tilt device, which detects if the person is in a horizontal position such as lying on the floor.  The Man Down sensor will automatically send an alarm when its position remains unchainged after a set period of time.


The Fall Detector is a smart device equipped with a help call button and an automatic fall detector which detects a heavy fall. It is designed to be worn as a wristband permanently for maximum comfort for the user in their every day life.


The Wandering Alarm is generally used by those who are caring for people with Dementia. An alarm is raided automatically if a wandering person is detected in a particular area of the home


The Mounted Panic Button can be located anywhere mobility problems exist. The system is often installed as a precaution in addition to a mobile pendant.


This Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector automatically raises an alarm in the home and at our 24/7 CareLink Response Centre if Carbon Monoxide is detected.


Natural Gas Detector Provides early warning in the home and/or to our Response Centre when dangerous levels of natural gas or propane are detected in the home. 


Domestic Violence Alert alarm can be activated totally silently, sending a signal to our 24-hour Response Centre. A “listen-in” audio channel is opened allowing staff to remotely assess the situation.


The Hypothermia Detector is a clever system that detects when the room temperature drops to a dangerous temperature. 


The Heat Detector will activate if the room temperature rises to an unacceptable level.


Ceiling Mounted Pullcord can be located anywhere mobility problems exist. Often installed in the bedroom or bathroom as a precaution in addition to a mobile pendant and can be positioned in any areas where personal alarm button is unlikely to be worn. 


Flood Detector Provides early warning of overflows and leaks permitting appropriate action to be taken to prevent serious damage. Automatically raises the alarm when water is detected. 


Anti Wandering Door Alarm. The Carelink Anti-Wandering door monitor is an innovative forward thinking system that is designed to prevent a resident from leaving a designated area or building.


Stand Alone GSM Module can be added to existing Social alarms that where no landline exists in the home. The pendant alarm and other sensors will then be connected to our 24 hour Response Centre. 


Our New Lockey Digital Key Safe can be used to store & share house keys, shed & garage keys, padlock & emergency keys.


This simple system comes complete with two Nurse Call Buttons and one Caregiver Pager. The Caregiver Pager has an audible alert and is small enough to be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt.


Replacement Pendant is aportable pendant is a lightweight device which allows the user to raise an alarm from anywhere in the home by linking with the Telecare Base Unit. The alarm is fully waterproof allowing it to be worn in the bath or shower and features a reassurance light to confirm activation.


Easy Press Adaptor


Bogus Caller Button Can be pressed before answering your front door, even if you are only slightly unsure of a caller’s identity. Just press before opening and staff at our Response Centre will listen in silently, while you can be sure that you are not left to deal with things alone.


Lola GPS Tracking device is ideal for carers or loved one's who have someone they are concerned about. Simply a button worn around the neck, Lola has a built in panic button with a Two-Way Speech facility. When the button is pressed a call is placed to the 24hr monitoring centre or carer's mobile phone. The monitoring centre or carers app then identifies the location of the individual allowing immediate assistance to be given.


The Ep-It Companion Monitor is designed to give support during Tonic/Clonic seizures as well as situations that manifest sounds, vomiting or incontinence. The Companion is ideal for domestic and professional use.


The Ep-It Guardian Monitor is the most advanced system for Epilepsy suffers. The system can monitor Bed Movement, Sound, Incontinence, vomiting and bed vacation