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Safe at home, day and night

It's often difficult not to worry about community safety, particularly if you live alone or have a family member who may be vulnerable. General safety at home, fire safety and fear of crime can all be major impediments to quality of life, regardless of the likelihood of an incident actually occurring. At home, you should be able to relax, enjoy and feel secure at all times. To help you stay safe at home, we supply simple, affordable and effective ways of increasing community safety and lessening the fear of crime.


Monitored alarms for community safety

Our monitored products mean that you will never be left to deal with a situation alone because if an incident does occur, help is always there at the touch of a button. From our CareLink™ Monitoring Centre in Ireland, we provide an around the clock service, keeping you connected and reassured throughout the day and at night. You can rest assured that if an incident does occur, it will be managed promptly and appropriately by our CareLink operators, who will assess the situation and immediately notify a family member or the Emergency Services.


Our range of community safety telecare products

Below you can find a range of monitored products which can help you stay safe at home. All connect wirelessly to our CareLink Base Unit and can be added as required. Please contact us if you have any questions about any of the devices in our Community Safety section.




Bogus Caller Button Can be pressed before answering your front door, even if you areonly slightly unsure of a caller’s identity. Just press before opening and staff at our Response Centre will listen in silently, while you can be sure that you are not left to deal with things alone.




The Monitored Smoke Detector activates automatically when smoke is detected within the dwelling. When activated a loud audible sounder will activate with in the dwelling alerting residents of the possibility of fire.






This Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector automatically raises an alarm in the home and at our 24/7 CareLink Response Centre if Carbon Monoxide is detected.



Natural Gas Detector Provides early warning in the home and/or to our Response Centre when dangerous levels of natural gas or propane are detected in the home. 


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