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NurseCall systems reduce riskNurse Call system

NurseCall systems help reduce risk and provide the best possible care and support in residential care facilities and nursing homes. Gone are the days of simple push-button NurseCall systems that sent an alert from the patient's bed to the nurses’ station. Today’s systems are wireless and offer significantly more capabilities than their predecessors. They can be particularly beneficial for staff and residents in Dementia care facilities. Wireless alarms guarantee a high level of patient safety while taking the burden off nursing staff.


TASK NurseCall

Our wireless NurseCall system is an easy-to-install wireless solution designed for residential care homes and nursing facilities. It is an affordable, reliable,
and scaleable solution which has many useful features. When assistance is needed, residents can alert staff via an emergency call button. This can be on a pendant, wristband, or fixed position wall transmitter in their room. Wireless pull cords and smoke detectors can also be integrated. The alarm immediately provides staff with the location of alarm for a fast response. The system can be easily connected to paging systems. This allows staff complete freedom of movement without compromising patient safety if an alarm is generated. Extended coverage can be achieved using repeaters to allow increased coverage fo your NurseCall system for separate buildings within the area. 


Safety and security in dementia care facilities

To help people with dementia retain greater freedom, residents can wear a special wristband transmitter. This means they can move about freely while staying safe. If a person with dementia wanders past a defined boundary, a signal will be automatically sent to the duty nurse who can quickly locate them. Rapid and efficient assistance gives residents and their family members a feeling of safety and security. Please contact us to find out more about your your NurseCall installation or maintenance requirements. 

Comprehensive system for total mobility

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