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Please input your TASK account number here, you will find this number on the top right hand side of your invoice.

Please input the surname of the client as documented on the invoice

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You can pay an account invoice here. There are a few short steps to complete this process as listed below:


1) Please fill in the blocks denoted with a red *

2) Ensure Quantity tab is set at 1, unless you wish to pay multiple balances

3) Click "Add to Cart" Button

4) Summary Page will appear, Click "Checkout"

5) You have two options: 

         1- Create an Account (Allows you to keep in touch with us on latest news and offers)


         2- Pay a Bill as a Guest (We will not contact you after transaction)

6) You will then be asked for credit/debit card details.

7) We will immediately send an email to you confirming payment.