Enuresis Sensor Chair Pads (Wetness/Incontinence Pads) RJ9

Ideal as a Replacement Sensor Pad for many existing Nurse Call Systems


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The Enuresis Sensor Chair Pads help to give an audible signal when moisture is detected. The product is designed to give the caregiver an immediate notification when incontinence issues have arisen. The pad is simply place on a chair or wheelchair below the user.

The Enuresis Sensor Pads are ideal as a replacement pad to many Nurse Call systems including:

  • Gemini
  • Nursecall 1600
  • Nursecall 800
  • Rondish
  • Alimed



Enuresis Sensor Pads are designed to immediately alert a caregiver or parent if wetness is detected on a chair/wheelchair allowing immediate action to be taken and reducing the possibility of the user remaining wet for a period of time. The Enuresis Sensor Pads promote dignity for the user eliminating the need for a caregiver to physically check the user on a regular basis.


Color: White

Size: 15* 10 Inches

Lifetime: 30 Days

Moisture Resistant