BOSCH Carephone 62 GSM

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BOSCH Carephone 62 GSM

The Carephone 62 GSM from Bosch

The Bosch Carephone 62 is a telecare alarm system that enables people to lead independent lives. The system can be used in any situation that a person needs assistance and can not reach a telephone or otherwise access help. The Bosch Carephone 62 system consists of two parts:

a) a Carephone base unit

b) a portable alarm button which can be worn as a pendant, as a wristband or clipped to clothing.


BOSCH Carephone 62 GSM Functionality

If assistance is needed, one press of the alarm button on either the base unit or portable alarm button will send an immediate alert from the Bosch Carephone 62 to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre in Ireland.


Works with or without landline

The unit works with or without a landline, by having options for switching between landline or Mobile Cellular (GSM) communications.

Remote or local programming The Carephone 62 can be programmed remotely (from our monitoring centre) or locally, using either the integrated keyboard or special software running on a laptop.


BOSCH Carephone 62 GSM Features

Two-way voice communication is built in to the base unit.

Easy to Clean.

Low power consumption.

10 Year Warranty.

Easy to Install, Simply Plug and Play.

Includes *24/7 monitoring for 12 months.

Conforms to protection class IP32, which significantly reduces the risk of damage or malfunctions caused by spilt liquids, dust or dirt.

The BOSCH Carephone 62 is the most advanced Panic alarm on the market today.


24/7 Monitoring of your Bosch Carephone 62 GSM

24/7 Monitoring is the direct connectivity between the clients home and our dedicated 24hr Monitoring centre. When a call is received our dedicated responders will take the appropriate steps to ensure help or assistance is obtained efficiently. Every situation is different, but help could be contacting a relative/neighbour/friend or indeed the emergency services if necessary. The connection is established through the Bosch Carephone 62 Base unit.



The Bosch Carephone 62 GSM cost of €399 includes your first years monitoring fee which would otherwise be €66.00 and which covers 24/7 monitoring for 12 months. Sim Card not included.