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Fall detector and pager
by TASK Ltd - 16/05/2018

We love this standalone fall detection system with pager. Place motion sensor at a bedside or anywhere in the home & it will alert a family member or carer's pager up to 300 feet away. The pager is pocket sized and light-weight. Battery operated.

The TA74 Carephone alarm for homes with digital broadband
by TASK Ltd - 16/04/2018

A telecare alarm designed for customers with broadband, or those who may be switching to digital broadband. This new unit from TeleAlarm also works on analogue landline telephones

CareLink monitored alarm call - Joe Duffy Liveline RTE Radio 1
by TASK Ltd - 16/02/2018

Carole's mother fell at home yesterday morning. Our CareLink Operators received the call when her CareLink button was pressed. Carole called the Joe Duffy Liveline show while her mum was waiting on an ambulance.

The Bogus Caller Button Explained
by TASK Ltd - 24/01/2018

TASK bogus caller button. Here's how it works...Even if you are slightly unsure of a callers identity press your monitored button at the front, back or side door of your home

Always wear your pendant alarm or keep it close at hand
by TASK Ltd - 12/01/2018

Remember to always wear your pendant alarm or have it close at hand. Pictured Carephone 62 - available to buy online from our website.

Happy Christmas & New Year 2017
by TASK Ltd - 22/12/2017

We look forward to helping our older people stay safe and secure 24 hours a day in 2018 and beyond!

Proud to be Sponsors of Canon Hayes Awards 2017
by TASK Ltd - 12/12/2017

We are proud to be Sponsors of the Canon Hayes Sports Awards 2017. It was a fantastic event & there were some great pictures taken. This has to be one of our favourites. Well done to everyone involved.

We're hiring: Installer for Kerry Limerick & Clare Regions
by TASK Ltd - 28/11/2017

We're hiring: Installer for Kerry Limerick & Clare Regions. Why not apply to join Ireland's longest established telecare company?

Seniors Alert Scheme - It's not just the first (free) years monitoring that matters to older people
by TASK Ltd - 22/11/2017

Under the new Seniors Alert Scheme, it's not just the first (free) years monitoring that matters to older people. All telecare suppliers have provided 5 years monitoring charges to Pobal (who provide the grant funding).

TASK Panic Alarms on RTE's PrimeTime on Rural Crime
by TASK Ltd - 21/11/2017

Great to hear TASK panic alarms getting a mention for giving reassurance to Ireland's rural residents on RTE's PrimeTime The complete episode on rural crime is still available & worth a watch

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