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Dementia Alarm System [New Explainer Video] - Automatically detects falls or inactivity
by TASK Ltd - 28/07/2016

AIM helps your loved ones stay independent and safe 24 hours a day at home. No panic button needs to be worn. Automatic fall detection system. Can be suitable for mild cognitive impairment & dementia.

Dementia Locator
by TASK Ltd - 05/07/2016

TASK are official distributors in Ireland and UK of the 'Lola' Dementia Locator. Supplied with or without a SIM card. Monitoring can be carried out at our 24/7 monitoring centre or you can choose to monitor from your home, to locate a loved one who may ha
by TASK Ltd - 26/06/2016

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Buy Medical Alert Bracelets, Telecare and Personal Alarms from our Online Store. Monitored and unmonitored available.
by TASK Ltd - 19/06/2016

Medical Alert Bracelets, Telecare and Personal Alarms can be purchased today from our online store. 24-7 Monitoring can be included. Ireland's longest established telecare company.

Domestic Violence - Monitored Alarm Brochure
by TASK Ltd - 02/06/2016

Our new domestic violence information brochure has just gone to print. It contains important details and options for monitored alarms to help protect victims of violence. Please contact the office if you would like to pre-order copies.

Our most comfortable automatic fall detector
by TASK Ltd - 13/05/2016

Our most comfortable fall detector. The ergonomic design of our fall detector gives maximum comfort for everyday life. It is waterproof too and is made from hypoallergenic plastics. It will trigger automatically on impact but also includes a panic button.

No Panic Button, No Problem ...with Active Intelligent Monitoring
by TASK Ltd - 19/04/2016

Our Active Intelligent Monitoring (AIM) System provides your loved ones with an effective way to stay independent and safe 24 hours a day. No panic button needs to be worn.

GPS Location Tracker for Dementia
by TASK Ltd - 31/01/2016

Wandering is a common behaviour associated with dementia. Our 'Lola' dementia location device with GPS can be used to support people prone to wandering. It's got worldwide coverage capabilities and like all our products can be monitored 24 hours a day.

Easypress Adapter fits over Bosch Tx Transmitter Emergency Call Button Easypress Adapter for Emergency Call Button
by TASK Ltd - 17/11/2015

For frail elderly, weak or people with neurological conditions or limited dexterity including those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s disease. Requires very little strength and co-ordination to press for help.

24/7 Monitoring Centre Vacancies
by TASK Ltd - 09/11/2015

Why not apply to join Ireland's longest established Telecare Monitoring Centre. Part-time and full-time (shift) positions are now available for Call Operators in our 24/7 Monitoring Centre in Stallmullen, County Meath.

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